Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30x30 | ten

skirt: thrifted (similar) // tee: J.Crew Factory (similar) // necklace: Target // shoes: old Target

Photos by Briley Noel
 Ten! Ten outfits! We're a third of the way through, kittens! I hope y'all are enjoying this challenge. I can't wait for it to be over, partly because I'm itching to wear other items in my closet, but mostly because I want to look back at all the mad remixing I've done! I'm planning to do a check in at the half-way point to give y'all some insight on my process and how it's going.

When I bought this shirt, I clearly did not even wait two seconds before giving up my card info and getting it shipped to me. I wanted a raglan tee so badly that I'd settle for almost anything. Unfortunately, I don't love this shirt. I didn't realize the grey sleeves didn't go all the way up to the collar, and the white section makes my shoulders look funny. It's also really big on my through the middle (I carefully selected photos where you couldn't tell so much though, haha), which makes it harder to style. The fabric is much thinner and...impressionable? than I expected. Like, every time I grab or pull on a part of the shirt, it leaves a stretched mark. Not. Cute. Especially a problem when tucking and untucking! When the challenge is over, I'll probably end up putting this top in the to-sell pile and start hunting for a replacement.

This is the first time I've worn this skirt this year, but I can already tell it's going to be on replay again this spring and summer. I already came up with a new favorite way to wear it using other pieces from my 30x30, so stay tuned for that!

// skirt previously worn here, here, here, and here

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

30x30 | nine

jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // tee: American Eagle // skirt: Francesca's Collections // boots: Nordy Rack

Photos by Briley Noel
Priya of Perfectly Priya asked a great question when I posted my 30 picks the other day. She wanted to know why I chose two skirts that are so similar for the same challenge. My navy and white polka dot skirt is one of my favorite, most worn, and easiest to style pieces in my whole closet. Unfortunately, this skirt is another story. I wore it once back in December and y'all loved the outfit. I loved it too! But I haven't worn it since. The fit isn't really the most flattering on me because it tapers back in at the bottom and looks a little like a polka dot balloon around my hips and thighs. I also don't wear a whole lot of black (or cream!), and I feel like those are the only things I can wear with it. Woof.

So, I wanted to try something different. I had the idea for this outfit before I decided to do the 30x30, and then I waited to use it as a part of the challenge. I have similar feelings about this outfit as I do to the first outfit of the challenge that I posted. I think it was okay in theory, but didn't look so great on me. I liked the idea of using polka dots to femme-up the Army-inspired look. I still like that idea, but I think these pieces look a little sloppy together. Oh well! I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't love all 30 outfits.

In the end, this skirt may end up in the donation (or sell to Uptown Cheapskate!) pile, and that's okay! That's just part of the challenge!

Monday, April 14, 2014

30x30 | eight

blouse: Lauren Conrad for Kohls // pants: Gap // heels: LuLu*s // lipstick: Sephora Color Lip Last in Royal Raspberry

Photos by Briley Noel
As simple as this outfit is, it's definitely one of my favorites so far. I'm not a super complicated dresser. I don't like fussy accessories or too many layers. Give me a classic print, a well-fitting pant, and a pop of color, and I feel put-together and stylish. As much as this challenge is teaching me to try new and unexpected pairings, I'm also learning the benefit of going for the obvious.

Sorry for being short on words today--it's allergy season in Austin and I need to go stick my face in a pot of steam somewhere. How was your weekend?
// blouse previously worn here, here, and here

Thursday, April 10, 2014

30x30 | seven

overalls: American Eagle // top: Zumiez // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) // headscarf: Madewell (similar)

Photos by Briley Noel
They're finally here--my overalls! Until recently, I was just a girl on a mission to find the perfect-fitting pair of overalls. I've ordered a pair from eBay, a pair from ASOS, and tried on several pairs in thrift shops and mall stores alike. Looks like I saved up some good karma in the form of online shopping miracles and this pair from American Eagle takes the cake. And, they arrived just in time to make it in my 30x30!

After they showed up on my doorstep, I wore them for like three days straight. I even asked Dago if it would be weird if I slept in them. They're so comfy and I can tell that I'm going to wear them a lot.

So far, I think I've only styled them with stripes. It just feels right, right? Overalls, stripes, and a headscarf are a winning combination. For the 30x30, I'm challenging myself to wear them without stripes later in the month! I haven't quite decided what that outfit is going to be yet, so feel free to throw out your suggestions with my other items!