This week's link love comes with a heavy heart. And, truthfully, it's been a long time coming. Instead of my usual collection of links from bloggers I love, outfits I want to copy, and clothes on my wishlist, I'm going to share some highly recommended reading about the state of Black lives in this country. I'm also going to share some of my own thoughts, because even though I've shared them elsewhere (specifically on my podcast, if you're interested), I've got this platform and it's far past time I use it for something that takes up so much of my heart and consciousness.

Before we get into the links, I want to lay a few things out:

1. Black lives matter. It has to be said because too many people don't believe it, and because those lives are ending at an alarming rate.
2. Black people are protesting around the country because of the blatant disregard for their community's safety. Asking for safety and equality is not a threat of violence; it's a desperate plea to be heard, and our country needs to start listening.
3. When law enforcement refuses to protect someone who is aligned with Black Lives Matter or has spoken out against police brutality, whether it be a football player or a Beyoncé concert, those officers are not doing their job. Yes, law enforcement is a dangerous career, but it's one that is chosen. An officer can take their blue off whenever they choose; a Black person cannot change that they are Black.
4. We live in a country where everyone has the right to a fair trial. While the majority of the recent incidents of police brutality have occurred when no crime was being committed at all, it is unlawful for an officer to end someone's life over a suspected theft, failing to use a turn signal, etc. Among so many other things, our law enforcement is in dire need of a lesson on deescalation tactics.
5. Children should not have to grow up fearing what might happen to them if they're at a playground, in a convenience store, or simply living while Black. They should also not have to fear that they're going to lose a parent because they had car trouble or "looked like a bad dude" to someone who should not be given a gun for their job. But this is the current reality and we have got to do something about it.
6. Even more important than using my privilege as a white person to speak out against police brutality and violence against my Black brothers and sisters is to amplify their voices. Only they can share their experiences, their truths, their needs. It's my job to listen.

If you're ready to listen, here's some truth:

Here's how many Black people have been killed by police since Colin Kaepernick started protesting (as of 9/20)

25 reasonable, practical, achievable solutions for police brutality

Black health matters

"Terence Crutcher can't stand for the anthem, so neither can I"

Riots are the response of human beings drowning in systemic injustice

An extremely powerful story from a teacher at Terence Crutcher's daughter's school

The 5 things white people can do right now

How to support your Black loved ones after incidents of police violence

I have so many more things that I'm feeling that I can't yet even put into words, but I couldn't let that stop me anymore from saying anything at all. Hug your Black brothers and sisters and tell them that they are valuable. Have those uncomfortable conversations with your friends and family who "don't get it." Don't be silent, but more importantly, don't forget to listen.

link love

stripes and gold1 stripes and gold2 stripes and gold12 stripes and gold3 stripes and gold10 stripes and gold4 stripes and gold11 stripes and gold6 stripes and gold9 stripes and gold13
shirt: Old Navy // skirt: Old Navy // shoes: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop (love the new rose gold pair!) // purse: Old Navy // necklace: DIY

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

If you're wondering what outfits are contenders for my favorite of 2016, this may just be the front runner. I feel quintessentially myself in it. I know the stripes look like mustard in these photos, but they're actually chartreuse, which I've recently realized is my secret power color (see all the ways I've worn it on the blog here). It's definitely my favorite accent color; my chartreuse cardigan is easily the most-worn item on my blog. It also pairs exceedingly well with my other power color: coral. I loved throwing this DIY beaded necklace on for the smallest shot of coral to the outfit. It's not even a particularly colorful outfit, but I just felt really bright and fun while wearing it!

The real highlight of this outfit party are the pops of gold. These Kate Spade flats have been a closet staple this year, as gold flats have been since probably 10th grade when I realized they go with everything. However, I've struggled to find the perfect bag to match. Then, the other day I was waiting for my girlfriends by the fitting room and spotted this gold wristlet, which also fills my desperate need for an easy, versatile clutch. Good things come to those who forget what they're looking for!

P.S. If you've been looking for a little black skirt, I highly recommend this one from Old Navy! It's the perfect length and it's not that stretchy fabric that every skirt this length seems to be. It's lined and has an elastic waist in the back. And it comes in burgundy, which of course I also bought. I do suggest sizing down one! **ETA: IT'S CURRENTLY $9. GO GET BOTH.

power color and a pop of gold

blue green purple outfit3 blue green purple outfit5 blue green purple outfit6 blue green purple outfit11 blue green purple outfit8 blue green purple outfit2 blue green purple outfit12 blue green purple outfit1 blue green purple outfit10
shirt: thrifted Madewell (another scalloped lace top) // shorts: Old Navy // shoes: Old Navy // purse: Love Ding // necklace: similar // earrings: J.Crew Factory

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

The weather may not actually be cooling down any here in Austin, but I guess I was feeling inspired by the idea enough to try a whole outfit of cool colors! No matter the season, I tend to be attracted to warm colors, filling my closet with shades of coral, burgundy, mustard, and orange. It didn't occur to me until recently why I've had such a difficult time styling this top, but it's because everything in my closet is on the other side of the color spectrum!

I snagged this Madewell top at a thrift shop last summer and literally never wore it once. It was actually in a bag of things to list on Poshmark that I started compiling back in the spring. Then when summer rolled around, I found myself reaching for a short sleeved top that wasn't a T-shirt, and this one fit the bill! Though I was happy to be wearing it, I really struggled to style it; I basically wore it like a T-shirt with jeans and flats every time. I personally hate wearing clothes that don't feel like an outfit. I committed to finding a way to make this top work in my closet, or let it go for good.

There are some really great reasons to not have your clothes piled on the floor. First, you can actually use your floor for, you know, walking. Second, all your clothes aren't wrinkled. However, it's the floor where many of my best outfits come to be. I'd kicked off these lavender sandals near the blue and green lace top in my growing clothes pile, and suddenly I had visions of an adorable outfit I would have never noticed in my own closet! 

So, next time you need an excuse to not hang your clothes up after doing laundry, just show your mom/roommate/significant other this post. ;)

cool colors for a change

Happy Friday! I'm not sure if this was a slow news week, or I just opted to take in less of it, but I feel like I don't have as many links to share as usual! Though, what they may(?) lack in quantity, they sure make up for in quality! Read on for links on shopping, feminism, and why you deserve a vacation.

♥ Are blog posts about why you deserve a vacation supposed to make you cry? Because Chelsea's did. Whoops?

♥ Sometimes your blogger bestie publishes the exact post you were working on and does it better. Read what Kimi has to say about this season's most controversial trends!

♥ Run, don't walk: everything here is under $30 (for a limited time!).

♥ This mom and daughter text convo is the funniest (and realest) thing you'll read this week about tampons and the patriarchy.

♥ Speaking of the you work in a male dominated field? I'm fortunate to not, but I would absolutely use this tactic coined by women in the White House in order to be heard (and make sure my fellow women are heard too!).

♥ I wore variations of this outfit three out of five days this week. I'm not mad about it.

♥ I honestly didn't pay NYFW any attention this year, but I happened to spot the Lela Rose Spring 2017 collection and holy crap, j'adore it alllllll. Did you have any favorites? Any I should check out?

♥ A little wishlist: this v chic grey purse, these blush tassel earrings (that are totally different than the blush tassel earrings I already have....), these adorable block heels, this great alternative chambray shirt, and this real good pillow.

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