Saturday, July 4, 2015

happy 4th

fourthofjuly1 fourthofjuly2 fourthofjuly4 fourthofjuly3
dress: Old Navy // shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

After last year's layered look for the office and 2013's casual boho ensemb', I wanted to wear something simple for my chill 4th of July weekend. A lightweight dress in the most patriotic blue I've ever seen, my favorite sandals, and a trusty red bandana.

I wanted a fun accessory for this outfit, but I was having trouble deciding. At first I wanted to bring along a fun popsicle in a bold cherry red, but I thought it would be too melty (and, as someone pointed out, also phallic). Then I thought watermelon would be fun, especially since I so deeply associate it with celebrating the 4th, but that seemed like a messy photoshoot. So, I ended up with a couple of bright sunflowers. Are sunflowers synonymous with America? I don't know. Do they look freaking adorable in these photos? You betcha!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with friends and family!

P.S. Can we take a second to note that this is my first time getting a 4th of July post out on the actual day? Now that's a reason to celebrate! ;)

Friday, July 3, 2015

link love


Things that make me happy: finding out that your 5 day week is actually a 4 day week, and therefore my 2 day weekend is actually a 3 day weekend. This is the kind of math I can get into, people! To celebrate having today off (yippee!), I've got a bunch of extra-special links from around the web to share with you today.

♥ I'm so excited about marriage equality across all 50 states. This is huge. However, the LGBT community is far from seeing equality in this country. Here are ten issues that matter way more than marriage equality.

♥ The most important thing you will read this week: questions to ask before giving up. I think this should be required reading for all humans and should be posted in all buildings everywhere. It's that good.

♥ And the second most, but only barely: 12 intuitive eating myths. I highly recommend reading every slide -- I got so much out of this, y'all. One of the things that resonated with me the most is the comparison between intuitive eating as an adult and simply just eating as a kid.

♥ This Vine combines my two favorite things: chubby animals and Phil Collins.

♥ And when more of my favorite things combine: Rachel Lately guest posted on Selective Potential this week and my heart grew at least three sizes. Check it out to see a bunch of my favorite spots along South Congress and the cutest sunflower shorts ever.

♥ I love when other people share their monthly small goals! Chelsea's July goals are fantastic, and I'm so excited that she's going to start blogging all the time! Be sure to follow along.

♥ Is it weird that 2 two-year-olds are my current style icons?

♥ This outfit is all I want to wear for the rest of forever (except with flats, of course).

 The wedding I blogged this week that made me smile the most.

♥ A little red, white, and blue wishlist for the 4th: this perfect striped shirt, this white midi skirt (on sale!), this pretty laser-cut blouse (also on sale!), the hat my weekends always beg for, and a cherry lip to top it all off (has anyone tried Sugar? I hear so many women swear by it and it looks like the perfect amount of pigment!).

Share your favorite links in the comments -- I have a long weekend and lots of time to read!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

on my list | cognac work bags

Raise your hand if you've ever said to yourself "I would love to find a bag like the Madewell Transporter Tote with more structure and for less money." If you're not raising your hand right now, you've probably never seen said Madewell tote, so I'll forgive you. It has become the epitome of Cognac Work Bag for women of a certain age, and while many who own the bag seem totally pleased with their purchase, there are also those of us who want something more...for less.

I have had my work bag since my junior year of college. It's orange and cream and it's from Forever 21. I've loved this bag, but the pleather handle is awfully shredded and the cream is gross and stained. Needless to say, it's time for a new bag. Here are a few I have my eye on...

on my list cognac work bags

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

There are so many shades of cognac and it's so hard to choose! I know I want gold hardware and I know it needs to fit my laptop. It also needs to not cost an arm and a leg. If I'm being honest, the J.Crew Downing Tote is my dream bag, but not my dream price. Do I go for the Merona tote because it's under $30 or splurge a little for something that will last me longer like the Fossil Sydney Tote or the Liz Claiborne Tuxedo Tote (which is on fantastic sale right now!)? Is Liz Claiborne one of those brands no one wants to be seen toting around (pun not intended) and I just don't know it? Someone tell me what to do -- when it comes to bags, I'm clueless!

What's on your list this week?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

july | small goals

small goals july

This year is absolutely flying by, but it's nice to check in every month with my small goals to stay on top of the things I want and need to get done. I was really, really set on accomplishing all five of my goals in June, and I got so close, but not quite the whole enchilada. 

Here's what I had lined up, and what I knocked down.

1. celebrate our anniversary with a day tripdonedone, and done!
2. buy a dryer | I'm so sad to say that I didn't accomplish this. I ended up doing a lot more shopping than I expected in June, so my dryer money went to a few pretty dresses and cute tops. Womp womp.
3. hang out in the pool | The rain in Austin tried to keep me away, but I finally got a little pool time in with Briley on Sunday evening!
4. walk at least once a week | done!
5. set up Buffer to schedule social content | done! I plan to share more about Buffer soon!

4/5 is, again, not bad. Hoping for 5/5 this time around!

1. no clothing purchases* | Because I purchased so many things in June, I'm going to attempt to not shop for clothing this month. I want to focus on the clothes I have now, and I want to...
2. buy a dryer | Since all my dryer money went to clothes, my July clothes money goes to a dryer. So...uh...anybody have tips on getting a dryer off Craigslist?
3. finish You Feel So Mortal | Excited to check off another book on my 2015 reading list!
4. send three blog partnership pitches | I've spent a lot of time thoughtfully determining a few brands that I think y'all will be really excited about and I'd love to partner with them to share some awesome content with you. Sending pitches is super intimidating, as it turns out,  but I need to bite the bullet and send these emails!
5. try 5 new ways to incorporate fruit into my every day routine | This month's healthy eating initiative takes a little more creativity, which I think will help me accomplish it. I'm looking forward to yummy lunches at work this month!

What are you up to in July?

*Excludes bags and purses. I have some dire purse needs that I'll be sharing in upcoming wishlist posts. I realize this seems like cheating, but IdowhatIwant.