If The Shoe Fits

Most girls who have a shoe problem have it year-round. For me, I spend approximately two months out of the year stalking up on all the shoes I could possibly need. I love wearing shoes that are timeless as much as I love wearing seasonal shoes out of season. I've had my eye on these four special pairs for a while. Hopefully I can add them to my wardrobe soon.
Hattie - ShoeMint
Do you see this shoe? Have you ever seen anything more attractive? I've got Dago, but this shoe is a close second, for sure. The rich suede color blocking is perfect to finish out this temperamental winter and arrive in spring, bright and ready to skip down the lane at any moment. I could slip these on with just about any outfit and feel dressed appropriately for the occasion. Plus, this shoe's name is Hattie. You can't name a shoe and expect me not to feel attached. I have to have her.

Charles Albert Modern Lace Up Bootie - PacSun

I have only been looking for a pair of booties like this since the beginning of time. When it comes to shoes, I can be extremely picky when I want something specific. The right bootie is flat and fits just beneath my rolled jeans, laces up, and are made of smooth caramel-colored leather. Of all the places I searched, PacSun was not near the top of my list to find the perfect pair, but I obviously discredited their bootie-having skills.
Original Tall - Hunter
I don't have a lot to say here other than I love Hunter rain boots, wish it rained more so I could buy a pair, and wish they didn't cost $125 so I could buy a pair. Really, I just want Hunter rain boots more than anything and if you buy them for me, I will love you forever. Seriously, how freakin' classy are these tall, green darlin's?
Champion Calico - Keds
If I were a shoe, I would probably be a floral sneaker. The delicious mix of feminine floral prints and easy-going sneakers is so appealing to me. Spring dresses are calling my name, but I can still cozy into a pair of Keds and bobby socks before winter is through to brighten up a less-than-springtime day.

What shoes have you had your eye on lately? Do you have any of these in your own shoe collection?


  1. I wear floral sneakers to work every day. It's how I manage to retain a little pinch of my feminine style when I have to be in sweats and t-shirts all day. Also, you're not alone in your lament over Hunter rain boots. I've wanted a pair since high school, but I can't justify such a purchase living here in Texas.

  2. I am so obsessed with Rachel Bilson, oh an her new line of shoes for shoemint. I love the Hattie and Rosemary shoes, hope to add both to my closet soon :)


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