An iPhone App, A Farewell, and Rick Perry

Tonight is a very special night, y'all. Here's why.

1. I discovered an iPhone 4 app called Camera Plus Pro that allows me to set a timer on my camera. Thus, I can now photo-razzi myself at my own leisure risk.
2. One of my dearest friends, Hannah, is moving to Paris to work for Fat Tire Bike Tours. Though I was only able to stay for a bit, her going away (slash Rick Perry is back in Texas and isn't our President!) celebration was marvelous.
3. The party was Texas themed and I wore a super cute outfit.

apologies for the dreadful photo quality. it's a work in progress.

 Seeing as I was playing with my new app anyway, I thought I'd share tonight's outfit and announce that I'm officially going to start fashion blogging. This may eventually take place under a new domain (so keep your eyes peeled) and my photo locations/skills will hopefully improve in the very near future.

jumper/scarf: Target; shirt: J.Crew (similar); boots: thrifted (Get Back Vintage in Austin)

Welcome to my living room and my first post as a fashion blogger.

Any tips for me? What do you want to see me wear next?

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