My, My Miss American Pie

skirt: thrifted from Flashback Vintage; shirt: Old Navy (similar); shoes: Ross (similar); bow: American Apparel

A personal pet peeve of mine is too-literal styling. When it comes to red, white, and blue, I definitely don't want to look like a walking banner of patriotism--this is fashion, not a flagpole. When I thrifted this skirt over the weekend, I assumed I'd wear it with breezy white tank tops and preppy pastels. Instead, I felt drawn to this top, despite its red-orange stripes.

I feel a little off-trend for picking such a bright (but not neon) color to pair with my pastel, but this look is timeless and transcends trends. Finished off with a strand of pearls and sparkly flats, I'm ready for a picnic and some quality time spent playing frisbee in the park.

What are some colors you avoid pairing together?


  1. I love the colors and THAT SKIRT! So cute! I'm now a follower of your very adorable blog :)

  2. Yes I'm stalking old posts on your blog,

    WHAT HAPPENED to this lovely skirt??

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. omg this is so embarrassing! the skirt, sadly, no longer fits me, so i recently handed it over to a lovely friend (Briley, who sometimes takes my photos!).


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