It's Denim Day, y'all! I hope you zipped and buttoned into your favorite, tightest, shortest, or most comfortable denim today to support survivors of sexual assault. Remember, it isn't about how tight your jeans are or how short your skirt is; the only way to prevent sexual assault is to not commit sexual assault.

While I'm on the topic of exercising our rights, I want to promote an important event happening nationwide this weekend. Whether you identify as female or not, we need to unite against the war on women in this country. Many politicians seem to think that women's bodies are part of their campaign platform and that they are the real experts on our sexual and reproductive health. If you'll be in Austin this weekend, I hope to see you at the rally. (Seriously, comment if you're going and let's meet up!) For more information about rallying in your own state, check out the official website.


PS. I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately. I have no idea how bloggers who are about to graduate from college have time to take photos, edit them, and blog them during the clusterf-ck that is these final weeks of school. I'm going to continue to be pretty distant until closer to May 12 (the big day!), so make sure to keep up with me on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram til then!

Denim Day

If you follow me on Tumblr or Pinterest, then you probably know that I've been dreaming of a work space for my apartment. I've never been the kind of girl who could work at a desk; I've always written in bed or, since living on my own, on the couch. Unfortunately, when a bed is so often used as a work space, it stops being a sleep space and my beauty sleep schedule suffers.

Since I'm about to graduate from college and will likely be doing a bit of freelance writing or other work-from-home jobs, I realized how desperately I need a place to work. However, upon finding out that I can't realistically afford to move into a one bedroom, I decided I needed to fall in love with my studio apartment all over again. Queue furniture rearranging and a trip to Ikea. $101 and several hours of screwing drilling later, and I have my dream work space. Here's the finished product!

Doesn't this look comfy? Part of what has always kept me from working at a desk is the upright angle of a desk chair. As soon as I realized I could use my fluffy living room chair as a desk chair, I gave up my qualms about having a real work space. To complement the "furriness" of my chair, I got this ridiculously soft sheepskin rug from Ikea to seduce me from the warmth of my bed.

I honestly thought I would spend a lot longer putting together an inspiration board above my desk, but I'm really glad to have chosen a few special pieces to display instead. The bulletin board has a couple of hand-drawn designs from my high school days of an aspiring fashion designer, a photo from a really neat art exhibit I saw with my old internship, a playing card from a vintage game of Candyland, and a bold reminder from Glamour that everything is going to be okay. In the photo above, you can sort of see an old note from my good friend Matt (who probably doesn't read this blog, but should!). It reads "For always listening and in hopes that you'll continue to do so....No matter how def you end up."

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is a Spice Girls poster. I've saved it from my childhood and now proudly display it in my apartment.

PS. A HUGE, special thank you to my wonderful boyfriend Dago for adventuring through Ikea with me and then surprising me by coming over while I was at work to build my desk and rearrange my apartment for me. You're positively the sweetest and I probably couldn't have done this without you.

Dream Work Space

top: F21; jeans: Gap; shoes: Cotton On; bracelet: heirloom
There was so much sunshine today! As beautiful as it was, it didn't make for such great photos. All of these photos have weird shadows and squinty eyes--sorry about that.

I feel that I should also apologize for the jump-attempt in the last photo. I thought I would try something new, but it turns out this white girl can't jump. I'm going to practice and I'll get back to you with more grace in the near future.

Also, to answer your question, I am the person who looks good in this color of yellow. I know you'd been wondering.

I've Got Sunshine

dress: F21; sandals: AE (similar); earrings & bracelets: vintage/thrifted
For those of you who don't know, I'm an advocate for the National Dating Abuse Helpline. I do educate teens and young adults about healthy dating behaviors and help them leave abusive situations, but the main thing I do is provide support. If nothing else, I want to help them help themselves. It's all about empowerment.

Unfortunately, I sometimes struggle with putting my own advice into practice. I don't get enough to eat and plenty of sleep. I don't take care of myself so that I can take better care of others. I definitely don't show myself the respect I deserve and expect of others.

So, I'm taking my own advice. I'm drinking more water and letting my amazing friends do their job and showing myself a little lovin'. One thing I recommend to callers when their esteem has been drained is to write positive messages on their mirror. I know it sounds silly, I tell them, but this constant reminder next to your face will work its way into your brain and you'll start to associate the positive words with yourself.

Here's a peak at what my mirror told me this morning:

i am strong, beautiful, capable and valuable. <3

Taking My Own Advice

(pants: AE; shirt: Old Navy (similar); shoes: Steve Madden;  pearls: vintage necklace and bracelet clasped together)
Look! I'm outside! Wearing bright coral pants! Aren't you excited? I am!

Alright, that's enough exclamation points for a lifetime one post. But I really am thrilled with all of my recent decisions in purchases and outfits. That tripod I showed you a couple posts ago is excellent and I can hook it onto my car and take all the outside photos I want. No neighbors even came out to bug me. Fantastic.

In other recent purchases news, how cute are these pants? If you've been following me since the colder months, then you know that I also have a red pair of pants. As I explained to Dago, those are winter pants. These are spring pants.

Proud As Punch (-Colored Pants)

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