Proud As Punch (-Colored Pants)

(pants: AE; shirt: Old Navy (similar); shoes: Steve Madden;  pearls: vintage necklace and bracelet clasped together)
Look! I'm outside! Wearing bright coral pants! Aren't you excited? I am!

Alright, that's enough exclamation points for a lifetime one post. But I really am thrilled with all of my recent decisions in purchases and outfits. That tripod I showed you a couple posts ago is excellent and I can hook it onto my car and take all the outside photos I want. No neighbors even came out to bug me. Fantastic.

In other recent purchases news, how cute are these pants? If you've been following me since the colder months, then you know that I also have a red pair of pants. As I explained to Dago, those are winter pants. These are spring pants.


  1. Too cute! And it is obvious that you are having fun!!! :)

  2. I'm jealous! I want a pair of bright orange capris. Or salmon color would be good too.


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