broke girl tutorial: honey + egg

I'll preface this post by telling you to expect a longer-letter-later about my two month hiatus and now eager return to the blog. However, I wanted to come back to a clean slate and what better way than with a tutorial for a fresh face?

I don't know about y'all, but this summer has been extra sweaty so far. When I'm driving on Mo-Pac waiting for my AC to cool down, I can literally feel my pores getting bigger. Gross, right? Now, imagine a world where we don't have pores. No blackheads. No swollen redness. Just soft, smooth skin with a touch of summer sun.

"No pores?!" you ask, "that's impossible!" Get ready to believe it, dearies. This quick d.i.y. face mask is not only super effective, but it couldn't possibly be any easier. Honestly, this no-brainer recipe doesn't need a tutorial, but I thought some photos would be fun anyway.

Here's what you'll need:
1 bowl
1 spoon
1 egg (no yolk necessary!)
1 tbsp of honey
a soft wash cloth
and your nearest faucet

First, crack your egg and let the egg whites slide on into the bowl while keeping the yolk in the shell. Toss the yolk and shell aside and admire how you didn't get any in your bowl. Well done.

Next, add your tablespoon of honey. The organic/unprocessed stuff is always good because it has a little extra magic in its healing powers, but whatever you have around the house will be fine. In case you didn't know, honey is pretty much a cure-all. Got an angry blemish? Dab a little honey on it. Sore throat? Sip on a warm mug of tea with a spoonful of honey. Bad allergies? Buy honey that's made in your area to introduce yourself to some local allergens and help your body gain immunity. 

Stir well!

Using your fingers, paint a layer of your delicious smelling serum all over the pretty face of yours. Since the liquids are clear, you won't really be able to see a layer like with other masks. Use your best judgement and avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Let this sit for 20 minutes or so. You should feel a lovely tightening sensation! Remember: your face may smell good enough to eat, but raw eggs aren't safe for your insides. Don't eat your own face.

Run some warm water into your hands and rinse your face. Blot dry with a soft wash cloth.

Look ma, no pores! For best results, repeat once a week.

**Want to add a little exfoliating action into your mask? Toss in a pinch or two of cinnamon to the recipe.

What home remedies or d.i.y skin care solutions are your faves?

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