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Happy Wednesday, my loves! You've almost made it. It's crazy how the months this year seem to be flying by, yet the work week is as slow as ever. To help you muster the strength to finish out this week, here are some things I am loving right now.

1. Lists for reference
Did you know I graduated? I did. I've always used lists to help me get things done, but since graduating, I make lists for everything. Sometimes they are wistful and sometimes they are practical, but mostly they are inspired by the fact that I don't have to go to school anymore and can do whatever I want. The third list is one of mine, in case you wondered...or wanted a model for your own middle of the year resolutions.

2. Cat sketches
Because cats and sketches.

3. Best Coast
So, I know I'm two years late to the Best Coast party. There's this other band called Beach House that I really don't like and, for two years, every time someone asked me if I liked Best Coast, I said no...because I was confused. It's not my fault. Best Coast...Beach House...so similar, right? Anyway, different bands. And Best Coast really is the best. If you don't believe me (or even if you do) watch the video above. It's a short film directed by Drew Barrymore starring all of my favorite celebrities (AKA Chloe Moretz, Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, Shailene Woodley, and Miranda Cosgrove). Oh, and the soundtrack is three of the best Best Coast songs. Just watch it. And listen. Definitely employ those senses.

4. Song lyric tattoos
No, you won't see Beatles lyrics lining my forearms, but it's not unlikely that I'll ink a little Regina or Rilo reminder somewhere on my frame. In the meantime, I'll just be inspired.

Good stuff, right? Now go buy yourself a snow cone in my honor. You'll want wedding cake flavor, trust me.

*Photos from Tumblr

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  1. I've been finding #1, 2, and 30 from that second list *especially* helpful lately (I need to try #3, and work on #4 for sure).

    Oh, and let me know how Bossypants is after you read it!


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