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I know what you're going to say: leggings aren't pants. Well, you know what? I do what I want.
But really, sometimes it gets so cold or gloomy out that I just can't handle real pants. Also, I work at a 24 hour helpline where real pants aren't required or even expected. Since I don't tend to wear a lot of black anyway, I'm excited to pair my tall boots and knit sweaters with leggings in colors like olive and wine.  
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I jumped on the infinity scarf train last fall, but I'm prepared to step up my game for 2012. Last year was all about wispy, florals hanging around my neck. This season, the chunkier the better. Etsy, meet my debit card.
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 Apparently, no one else is as into tweed as I am this year because I have had a hell of a time finding pieces to buy. I'm on a quest for an emerald blazer and a fancy-patterned pea coat in terrifically tweed fabric. I wouldn't mind a pencil skirt in my shopping cart, too. Just because the sky is grey, doesn't mean my tweed needs to be.
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 I've gotten into the habit of buying a new pair of boots every year. I've got the slouchy boot, the ankle boot, the over-the-knee boot, the boot that zips up the back, and the heeled bootie. Right now, I'm all about the lace-up boot to add that edge to my fall dresses and the sass to my skinny jeans.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?


  1. I love your fall wish list! I love those leggings, though I would pair them with skirts and shorts -- but I love that about leggings: doing what you want with them.

    I'm wishing for a pair of knee-high brown leather boots. I have wanted a pair every fall & winter seasons for years, and I can never find a pair I love for an affordable price. Maybe this year! *crosses fingers*

    1. finding sturdy, affordable boots is so hard. i always try to start early or shop at the end of the season when stuff's on sale. i actually got my knee-high brown leather boots for like $30 last year at Delia*s.

  2. 1. If we never come even close to seeing a crotch or cheeks in leggings, they're CUTE on the right legs.
    2. Huge square cotton scarves, folded into a triangle/started in front/crossed in back/tied under the front give the same effect...but in prints they are lively. Also, in typical Texas winters, they can be loosened away from the neck a little when it's not frosty outside or when indoors.
    3. You are looking at Chanel, Baby! [I think I have a similar jacket that's too small for me.]
    4. Boots are the best, period!


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