faking it

skirt and top: Old Navy (similar and similar) // boots: Charlotte Russe (similar) // Belt: Target
What's black & white and sparkles? Hey, that's me!

When I put this outfit together, I had this one and this one in mind from Pinterest. I love that I have a virtual look book of outfits to choose from when I'm feeling uninspired by my closet.

These pieces make so much sense together, but I never would have thought to pair them because I tend to shy away from black & white. The gold glitter belt and slate booties give this outfit the right amount of personality to be deliberately my style instead of just a top tucked into a skirt.

I wore this outfit last Friday to run around hanging up fliers for Andy Sams Photography all over Austin. You'd think I would have chosen more comfortable shoes for getting in and out of a car all day, but these boots gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed to go up to restaurant managers and baristas about designated flier hanging locations. Because I looked like I knew what I was doing, no one questioned me. Little did they know I was anxiously preparing myself for rejection in the form of "Get out of my taco stand and never return!" Thankfully, everyone was super chill and let me hang my flier on their window or community board.

Speaking of ASP, if you're in Austin, don't have anything to do tonight, and you like networking, free appetizers & cocktails, and dancing, then you should come out to Kaheschi: The Edge of Infinity. Andy will be there photographing the event and I will be dancing around with my business cards and schmoozing.


  1. Totally agree, I get so much inspiration from Pinterest!!



  2. Thank you for your sweet comments over at my blog you are so nice! but the best part is is that it lead me to find your blog which I love!!! So darling! And these booties are die for!!


  3. YES! my fashionista social media manager...gorgeous dahhhhling......


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