parlez-vous français?

top: Zumiez (similar) // pants: Gap Outlet (similar) // shoes: Old Navy (similar) // headband: Claire's (similar)

No, I didn't ever master French in my several years of high school and college supposed to be learning the language, but I think the French would approve of my outfit anyway. Also, I may have partaken in an adult beverage or two before these photos occurred. 

Isn't there some saying like "When dressed like the French, do like the French do?" Is that not how the saying goes? Oh well, I think the French would approve of all of my choices.

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  1. Tres bien! I do have to point out that the French don't smile nearly as cheerily as you do; they tend to pout their lips a bit more, and maybe smile demurely at most. But the cheerfulness is a great addition to the chic wear! Hopefully the French will draw inspiration in return :]

    - kayla


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