best dressed of twenty-twelve: emma stone

How can you have a best dressed of 2012 and not include Emma Stone. I mean, Emma Stone, am I right? Girl knows how to wear her clothes and her color. There may be less-flattering silhouettes on Miss Stone, but I'm not sure what they are because she knows how to dress her body impeccably. From tip to top, she doesn't cop out on her shoes, accessories, or hair like a lot of her starlet peers. With the release of The Amazing Superman this year and grabbing up awards form The Help, Emma was all over red carpets in 2012. These posts are focusing only on red carpet fashion, but Emma is one of my favorite streetwear celebs too for her cozy layers and her sharp staples.


  1. *coughs* The Amazing Spiderman.

    Love her! I have the "I want to be your best friend, omg!" girl crush on Ms. Stone.

  2. Emma Stone may be one of my top girl crushes.... As you pointed out, the girl can dress- she's got that down! I also love her because she's just so..."normal".
    Love her!

  3. You can't not include her! She's wonderful, so hard to decided which outfit I like best but I'm really loving that white dress with the red embroidery!

  4. Emma Stone is my style icon!! I swear, she does no wrong!!

    xo, Jordan


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