best dressed of twenty-twelve: kelly osbourne

Kelly has grown into quite the fierce woman. What used to be rebellious punk rock little girl with daddy issues has become fashion-forward, outspoken, and totally fabulous. I've loved her appearances on RuPaul's Drag Race because she committed to the challenges and she was truly excited to be a part of the show and of drag queen culture. Kelly not only knows how to style herself, but she's vocal about other celebrity fashion alongside legendary Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. No matter how much flack she gets from commentaries and her mother about her hair, she does what she wants. I love that. (And I love the color. Do you think I could pull it off?)

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  1. I have grown to love her over the pass couple of years! She looks stunning in all of these!


  2. I had always loved Kelly O but lately she's looked so fab! I love the hair!

  3. How does she make that hair look so great!?

  4. Remember when she died her hair a silvery-grey? Swoooooooon. That is the day I decided I will dye mine the exact same shade the second my grey hairs become too visible. What an inspiration.

  5. I think her hair is lovely--I had just a streak of purple in my hair for a while, and that's when I learned how tough it is to maintain purple hair and keep it the exact shade you want it. That's why I didn't keep it very long!


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