best dressed of twenty-twelve: solange knowles

Solange is not just Beyoncé's little sister anymore. She's a full-fledged hipster pop star and fashionista in her own right. Recognized by fashion and music industry big wigs, Solange had an awesome year in 2012. Designers love her for her fearless attitude towards print and for her affinity towards high-contrast colors like citrus and white. I love her for constantly playing up her favorite features: her long legs, natural hair, and a bold lip. While she's been vibrant in her fashion, I feel like I don't hear a lot from Solange herself, so I'm hoping to hear more from the woman behind the wardrobe in 2013.

ETA: Solange is so fashionable, in fact, that she her outfits from the Losing You video have been made into a paper doll!

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  1. Finally added you to my blogroll! Don't know what took me so long! Thanks for all the support, you're great Nicole!!!

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