best of 2012: writes like a girl + reader survey

As an avid blog reader, I love when bloggers do recap posts. For the blogs I've loved and faithfully followed all year, I enjoy looking back on times we've shared together (and by that, I mean things they've posted that made me feel close to them). For blogs I just started following, it's nice to play catch up on everything I missed before discovering their beautiful square of Internet.

Since I didn't do an awesome job at posting outfits this year, I'm going to just list my favorite posts from the 2012. Some are outfits, many are thoughts on growing up in the context of style, pop culture, graduating, and  relationships. If you're new to these parts, I hope you'll find a post you can hold close to your heart and if you've followed all along I hope you re-find words that helped you smile or feel not so alone.

A few of my favorite posts on the blog from the past year:

therapy vol. 1

Also, since you're here, it would be so helpful to me if you could take this little reader survey about your experience with my blog!


  1. Great post, keep up with the good work for the new year.

  2. I think 2013 will bring great things to us both!


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