best of twenty-twelve: pop music

I am not shy about my love for pop music. While other "best of" lists are being topped by obscure bands I've never heard of, I'm celebrating my favorite earworms from the past year. Yes--I still get excited every. single. time. Call Me Maybe comes on the radio and I have even come to accept my love for The Biebs. 

I don't really know if it was a good year for other music (Dago says not really), but I think pop had a pretty great year. Unlike a lot of the pop stars who rule the radio (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Brown), I'm legitimately excited to see what all of these artists will bring in the next year. Until then, this is what you'll find on my iPhone and playing in my car.

ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one.


  1. Pretty decent list Nicole. The only ones I would think would make the list of top 10 or 20 would be Kelly Clarkson "Stronger", Maroon 5 "Payphone" and Neon Trees "Everybody Talks".

    I also gave in and got Bieber fever this year. I knew it would happen eventually.

    When I got my iphone this fall Pitch Perfect, TSwift and Glee (Britney 2.0) were the first loaded. I normally tell people that I have the taste of a 13 year old girl when it comes to music most of the time (plus 90s).

  2. Okay, pretty good! I love listening to pop songs when I run so I'm always looking for more great ones. Thanks!!!


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