If you're my Facebook friend, then you've already experienced my fangirling over the newly released trailer for the second season of Girls. If not, here's a sample:

"I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS, Y'ALL. i almost peed myself watching it because i'm so excited."

After a quick Facebook poll, I decided that I'll be writing recaps/thoughts for the show this season. I'm pumped because I always have a lot to say afterwards and instead of frantically texting all of my Girls-friends, I can get it all out at once on here to all of you.

If you haven't watched it yet, go forth and do so

Girls returns to HBO on January 13.
O M effing G.


  1. I am SO excited for this season!
    With Luck

  2. I am SUPER excited for this! I don't really have any friends who watch it, so this will be a great place to discuss. xo


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