jeans: Gap; shirt: Target; shoes: F21; scarf: vintage; necklace: Nordstrom Rack (similar

Happy Friday! We made it! For those of you graduating this semester, only ~6 more weeks--we can totally do this!

Alright, pep talk over. I'm heading out to my first photo shoot/interview as a staff writer for Austin Fusion Magazine today and I'm really excited. The feature is on a local designer (it's a secret until April 10th), so I feel like I should look like I haven't put an ounce of effort into my outfit and yet look fantastic.

What better time to try out this fun head scarf trend? I tend to not wear ribbons and bandanas in my hair very well because I have a littleS head and they slip right off. For this look, I've strategically placed two bobby pins that keep the scarf secured without ruining the look. I also tried an up-do with the scarf and decided it looked a little too costume-y.

The verdict: looks like I'll be picking up a few more scarves because this is a seriously cute way to cover up bedhead and accessorize like a big girl (as opposed to my usual bows).

What do you think of the head scarf? What spring trends are you excited to test run?

Scarf It Up

skirt: BR (similar 1, similar 2); top: J. Crew; cardigan: Old Navy (similar); flats: Ross (similar); necklace: Francesca's (similar)

St. Ed's threw a job and internship fair today.  If you've never been to a job fair, it really is more like a Hunger Games-esque battle for the attention of prospective employers. This skirt enters stage left and I wow them all with my style, poise, and perfectly packaged résumés. Unfortunately, none of the companies in attendance wanted to pay me anything for my writing. Kind of a bust for me. However, my good friend Bailey got to live tweet the event for our Career Services. She did an awesome job and the fair had a huge turn out--definitely in part to Bailey's mad social media skills. What a cool opportunity, right?

As I was walking through the fair, I ran into my lovely friend Nikki, who said this skirt was '70s business chic. It wasn't until I was editing the photos for this post that I really saw what she was talking about. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought this skirt had a previous life as some groovy drapes in 1974.

PS. I got a new toy! It's a Joby GorillaMobile tripod for my iPhone 4. No more are the days of leaning my phone inside a candle holder full of cotton balls! I couldn't be more excited. Look out for photos that are taken outside of my apartment. In the sunshine. With trees. Yay!

1970s Job Fair

sandals: AE (similar); belt: Target

belt: Claire's; bangle: Target; orchid pendant: thrifted in Thailand; sandals: DSW (similar

shirt: AE (similar); booties: F21; necklace: thrifted on SoCo

One dress. Three ways! I actually bought the dress early last summer at Nordstrom Rack during a lunch break at the ole Barnes & Noble. I can't find it online anywhere, but similar styles can be found herehere and here.

Look 1. I swear I'll be buried in this blazer. I've worn it a few times on the blog, so I've probably explained how I got it already. If you missed it the first time, this is the jacket my brother was consecrated in when he was six or seven. Sweet, right? Being the small-busted girl I am, no blazer has ever fit me better. (PS. Isn't this a neat little belt trick? Thanks Pinterest!)

Look 2. It's spring, y'all! Time to let the sunshine pour freckle juice all over your shoulders! This dress is completely shapeless without a little help. Since I glammed this look up a bit with the metallic sandals and bare shoulders, I chose a dark and unassuming belt to keep from drawing attention to too many places. The little ties on the straps of this dress used to drive me nuts, but seeing them in these photos is giving me a change of heart. They're a little romantic, no?

Look 3. As ultra feminine as I tend to be most of the time, I have a habit of tom-boying up outfits before I leave the house. After seeing a handful of emo shows at SXSW with Dago, I've been grundging up my outfits left and right. I've probably asked him "do I look like a little punk girl yet?" about a hundred times in the last week. While this is less punk rock than some of my other ensembles, I'm still digging the sporty take on floral here. Sometimes my super-sweet flowery get-ups need a little edge--cue grey tshirt and booties.

Whether you like it or not, spring is here to stay. To celebrate, here's a little Kate Nash that, like today, is equal parts spring showers and flowers.

Little Red by Kate Nash on Grooveshark

Little Garden

dress and bangle: flea market; jeans: Gap; shoes: Cotton On; earrings: Ten Thousand Villages (gift from my Uncle)
I wish I could tell you that this little red dress was a recent flea market find, but in reality, I scored this baby back in the '90s when the hemline hit my knees. It was so big on me for years, but even back then I knew it was a special piece. I've held on to it and it has traveled with my closet through many moves, though I don't wear it but once or twice a year. A conversation with Dago reminded me that it was hanging patiently in the back of my closet. It finally fits! What better time to bring it out than the early springtime celebration of SXSW?

Flea Market Girl

skirt and cardigan: thrifted; blouse: Old Navy (similar); shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar); bracelet and necklace: family heirlooms

Before seeing The Lorax (which is fantastic, by the way) with my BFF Britt Sunday night, I loitered in a pop-up thrift shop outside the Alamo Drafthouse. Not that I thought I wouldn't love anything I saw, but I didn't expect to buy anything as I was perusing racks of mostly '70s era clothing. From across the store, I spotted this rich, printed fabric and scampered over to it, unknowing even what article of clothing it might be.

Not only did it turn out to be a gorgeous, full skirt, but it fit me perfectly in the waist and length. The skirt had been marked down to $20 from an originally unmentionable price, so I snagged it off the rack and quickly paid while Britt waited patiently with our tickets. Good friends and good finds.

Une Jupe de Pavot

tshirt: PINK; skirt: Target; sandals and scarf: AE (similar shoes)
It's Spring Break, which means SXSW is in full swing here in Austin. Because I'm taking a lovely week off from school and work, I want to spend my week as stress-free as possible. Will I go to any shows today? We'll see where the crazy Gulf winds take me. Gelato for lunch? Hand me a spoon. Toddlers and Tiaras week-long marathon? My Netflix is queued up and ready to get sassy.

So here's what I wore on Sunday, my first official day of Spring Break. This is definitely in the running for becoming my go-to outfit on days I want to look like I tried without actually putting in any effort at all.

If you're on Spring Break, relax and be safe! If you're visiting my beloved city for SXSW, enjoy yourself and please don't move here!

***Special Announcement: I recently mentioned in a previous post that I had some exciting news. Well, my communications internship with has come to an end. This is bittersweet because I have grown a lot and gained a little family there, but I also know that it's time to pursue new opportunities.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may know that I have started as a fashion and arts writer for a local e-zine. The March issue of Austin Fusion Magazine came out yesterday and I'm so stoked to debut my first article as a part of the AFM team. I hope you'll all check it out!

Spend The Lazy Sunday

skirt: thrifted from Flashback Vintage; shirt: Old Navy (similar); shoes: Ross (similar); bow: American Apparel

A personal pet peeve of mine is too-literal styling. When it comes to red, white, and blue, I definitely don't want to look like a walking banner of patriotism--this is fashion, not a flagpole. When I thrifted this skirt over the weekend, I assumed I'd wear it with breezy white tank tops and preppy pastels. Instead, I felt drawn to this top, despite its red-orange stripes.

I feel a little off-trend for picking such a bright (but not neon) color to pair with my pastel, but this look is timeless and transcends trends. Finished off with a strand of pearls and sparkly flats, I'm ready for a picnic and some quality time spent playing frisbee in the park.

What are some colors you avoid pairing together?

My, My Miss American Pie

Since it's about time I did a one-piece-three-ways post, I thought I'd pick something I have trouble styling myself. In general, I find skirts difficult to style because I rely so heavily on the ease of a dress and the majority of my tops were bought with the intention of being worn with jeans. 

I can't tell you how many times I have tried on one of these body con skirts and then wept in the dressing room with the stretchy fabric around my ankles. Nothing in the world makes me feel as fat or lumpy as a body con skirt. To the girls who can wear these without flaw, I worship you. I'm a slender girl, but I have a disproportionately curvy butt and thighs. If the rest of my body were built in a more voluptuous frame, I would wear nothing but body con skirts every day. However, at my current size, they mostly just look silly.

I've always tried to be a brave little toaster when it comes to fashion, especially when it comes to figuring out pieces that I think might make other girls feel as badly about themselves as I do. The result: how to wear a body con pencil skirt three ways without feeling too bootylicious or lumpy.

Look 1. An untucked, fitted striped sweater with loafers and a belt. I chose this sweater because the stripes draw attention to my top half and away from my hips. Keeping the sweater untucked and belted also eliminates any VPL or wrinkles in the skirt that my tummy might cause, while still looking totally pulled together. I could easily wear this to work or class and feel like I had a professional edge without being stuffy.

Look 2. A flouncy black tank, grey wedges, and a long necklace. Because I bought this skirt primarily for "going out" purposes, I wanted to give it a little classy 6th St. styling. This blouse is full enough that I can tuck in just the hem, so that there aren't tucked-in shirt wrinkles across my hips and bum. Also, it gives me a little room to breathe in such a tight skirt so that I don't feel like I have to suck in all night. I added the long necklace to draw attention below my small bust, but above my hips. I think I'd feel comfortable out dancing in this and not feel under or over-dressed.

Look 3. A chambray shirt, brown sandals, and a long necklace. Spring is nearly upon us, my fellow Texans. I've been loving the look of knotted chambray shirts lately but don't feel as comfortable wearing them with low-rise jeans. The high-waist of this skirt allows me to knot the shirt right at my natural waist and not show any midriff in the process. (I sound like such a Mormon fashion blogger today, amirite?) The sandals are super Spring-y and I love the knot-esque necklace paired with the knotted shirt. This outfit is really easy and carefree, so you'll probably see my in it at least once during SXSW.

How would you style a body con skirt? What piece makes you the most body self-conscious?

Body (Self-) Conscious Skirt

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