jacket: gifted Banana Republic (old, similar) // dress: Francesca's Collections (loving these 1 2 3)  // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) // belt: Target
oo1. This is the first time I've ever belted a jacket. I don't know what took me so long, but I love it.
oo2. Before I put on this outfit, I shaved my legs for the first time in one two three months. No, it's not a feminist thing, it's a lazy and I'm bad at shaving thing. (Yes, I cut myself in two places.)
oo3. For my first round of photos in this outfit, I actually wore a sock bun. It was my first time doing a sock bun and I quickly realized that it's not a flattering look on me, so you'll never see those photos.
oo4. This is my first time wearing this dress without tights. I bought it last winter and somehow never wore it when it was actually warm/seasonably appropriate/Spring.
oo5. This photo session was the first time I continued posing and taking photos when cars/people/the mail man passed by (instead of awkwardly grabbing my tiny tripod and pretending to be doing...anything else).


  1. 1) Belting a jacket has the ability to change your life. Not joking.

    2) I literally base shaving my legs on whether or not they're going to be seen by the girl who sits next to me at work. Not my husband, not whether or not I wear a skirt.. I just don't the poor girl next to me at work to look over and think she's sitting next to King Kong.

    3) I don't think sock buns flatter me either. My face needs some hair around it. Or at least bangs.

    4) I really love that dress. Love the two tiers.

    5) HA! Hilarious. It helps that when I get caught in the act, I get to share the awkward moment with my photographer husband. lolololol. <3

  2. Belting that jacket was a good move! And good for you girl! I tend to take photos when nobody is around, but why? I'm working on "owning it"

  3. the dress, the boots, the jacket, your face, it's all perfect!

  4. The glitter belt makes this outfit! This outfit super cute, and I feel like you wouldn't see anyone else in anything similar, which makes me love it even more. And I think you should try the sock bun again! Maybe you just didn't have in the perfect spot of you're head... which happens sometimes... and can be extremely unflattering. Good for you for taking pictures in front of people... I just..can't :/

  5. lollll girl!!!! I hate to admit it....but shaving my legs is like something I will put off until I really have too lolll!!!! That's part of the reason I like Winter:)! I love the jacket with the belt and that adorable dress! Super cute look!

  6. oh goodness, you look so cute (and little cold!)
    girl, you've got legs for daaaaays.

  7. Love this look! So fun and gets me in the mood for spring! :)

    oh, and I'm pretty much the most awkward person when it comes to people passing by while I'm taking photos. Yesterday, a pizza delivery person drove by and parked semi-near where I was..and I totally ran over to my camera and acted like I was fidgeting with it..awk.


  8. I love love love this outfit!! I especially love the little glitter belt around the jacket- I gotta get me one of those ;) also, the dress is darling.

    -Jenna Brianne


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