january grams

January isn't usually a month I remember or even care to, but this year started off on a pretty good note (as least as far as my Instagram shows!).

This month I...
wore mustard-colored tights
ate homemade grilled cheese
didn't get a job I wanted
passed on a job I didn't want
wrote about my faith in Sisterhood
made a couple of trips up to St. Ed's
finally picked up my college diploma(!!!)
downloaded the Vine app (add me: nicole seligman)
had Popeyes for the first (and second and third) time
had a bunch of successful thrifting adventures
had some fun times with Tess (her stealing my pizza roll)
and some not so fun times with Tess (her scratching my face while I was sleeping)
wore a lot of different lipsticks

In February, I hope to...
eat a lot of Girl Scout cookies
spend Valentine's Day reminding loved ones how much I love them
launch my new business venture (more on this coming soon!)
hang out with my brother
do something obnoxiously cute with Dago
become a master at Vine

How did your month turn out? What are you looking forward to in February?


  1. i love instagram.
    and i need to go on some awesome thrifting adventures. dang it.


  2. i, like kirsten, love instagram too!
    i might be way too addicted to it haha

  3. cute! you have sweet style. love all these photos!

    The House of Shoes


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