on trend

shirt & jeans: American Eagle // shoes: Target // bag: Forever 21 (similar here here and here) // bangle: Banana Republic // watch: Anne Klein
(Don't worry, guys--I took these photos last Friday when it was unseasonably warm. AKA not in this near-but-not-actually snow-cold weather we're having in Austin this week. Carry on!)

 I had this outfit in mind a few weeks ago, but it was too cold to wear it. Then Jessica over at Bows & Sequins blogged almost the same outfit and I got really excited for the weather to be nice again so I could share my version. The weather was finally nice fantastic, so Andy let me skip out of work early to go eat tacos on a porch.

Trends are not necessarily something I find worthy of my money since they change so often, but I'm really glad I caught the train to colored denim town, hopped on the leopard shoe express, and booked a first class flight with chambray. The next trends I'm hoping to add are patterned pants (coming to a blog near you!) and a solid-colored peplum top. By only buying one of each, I'm able to really work my closet around them and remix outfits that are both on trend and totally classic. Using these trendier pieces as staples in my wardrobe makes the every day outfit more interesting and I really get the bang for my buck.

I wore this outfit to work, but I easily could have worn it to a networking event, to brunch with the girls, on a movie date with Dago, for an impromptu shopping trip, or to hang out with my parents.

How to you get the most out of trends?


  1. love this outfit.
    i need some nice weather.
    so jealous.
    and trends, i dont know i avoid or find ways to keep things simple i think.


  2. I buy cheap! Target and Old Navy often jump on the trend wagon right around the same time I do. It's perfect because I don't feel like spending $50 on a shirt I may not like tomorrow. I also tend to wait on a trendy purchase... colored pants were an exception. They just got me really excited right away, but I have yet to buy red! They're next on my list.
    With Luck

  3. I love the bag! Huge, just like I like them!

  4. That bag is large and in charge. Loves it!


  5. I always have loved the look of Chambray and red jeans! And you can never have enough animal print! Gotta love those shoes:)



  6. If you were on a "Who Wore It Better" segment with Joan Rivers, you would totally win.

  7. I've been looking for a pair of red skinny jeans.... these flats are simply adorable. Love your style.
    Nothing but a Pigeon

  8. I just found your blog and I love the name of it so much! So cute. I also love this outfit. Leopard loafers are so awesome. Just found your blog and so excited to keep following you! :)

  9. its starting to warm up here in colorado too... woo hoo! just a few days ago it was -3 and i got the flu. finally recovering though :) love the coral and cheetah print together!


  10. I love the red pants. Combined with the leopard slippers...fantastic combination!

  11. I've been trying to find a pair of leopard slippers just like that for absolutely ages!! I can't seem to find a nice pair (well a nice pair in my size) anywhere!! Wish we had a target here!



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