pants as leggings

dress: thrifted (originally Urban Outfitters) // chambray: American Eagle // jeans: Gap // boots: Chinese Laundry // watch: Anne Klein // headband: Old Navy
While everyone else is concerned with leggings as pants becoming an acceptable form of fashion, I am finding myself validating my seventh grade self's sense to pair dresses over pants. My mom told me I looked like a ragamuffin, but I would stuff petticoat skirts into my messenger bag and then slip them on over my jeans at the bus stop. I've always been a fashion deviant.

I was so excited to find this shirt-dress at Savers last weekend. I told Dago that I had a list of things I was allowed to buy while we were out and luckily plaid flannel made the cut. Sometimes thrifting can get expensive if I don't give myself a limit. On this particular trip, I also bought a tweed Oscar de la Renta skirt that I'm so excited to style.

 I originally thought to wear the shirt-dress over black leggings with heeled booties, but it's been so darn cold in Austin that leggings just weren't enough. I can't wait to dress it up with chunky pearls and then wear it with bare legs in the spring!



  1. Very cute! I say to hell with fashion rules. Especially when you live in Austin, where everything goes. Right?

    Well maybe not everything. You can't go around naked, if I remember properly... ;)

  2. i love this look! and yes, thrifting can definitely get expensive.
    i love wearing leggings with long shirts/tunics too but its like.. 10 degrees here! ahhh. but i just wear 2 pairs and its a lot better :)

    The DayLee Journal

  3. what a great find! Love how you paired it.
    And yes, haha...I find this "argument" funny. But I find wearing leggings with dresses or tunics totally acceptable! =)

  4. Very cute....your posts always make me wish I were younger! :)

  5. So cute!!! I love the look of a longer tunic top over skinny jeans!!


  6. Nicole, this is too cute! I just love it. Great job layering and the boots are awesome!


    Nothing but a Pigeon


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