burgundy + stripes

blazer + shirt: BP at Nordstrom // leggings: F21 // boots: Charlotte Russe // necklace: Bip & Bop // bangle: Banana Republic
 You know when you go shopping for something very specific and you tell yourself "Self, you are only allowed to look at yellow shoes and you are definitely only allowed to buy yellow shoes," but then you can't find yellow shoes anywhere so you settle for a striped burgundy blazer and call it a day?

I didn't even know I wanted a striped burgundy blazer until I saw this one at Nordy Rack and legit dropped everything to try it on. It was on sale for $25 from $65. Not a bad day, in my book.

I felt very equestrian in this outfit all day. I think next time I'll go for more Blair Waldorf circa her Constance days.

PS. Thanks for all of your sweet, encouraging, and helpful comments on yesterday's post. I'll definitely keep you all in the loop!


  1. LOL! I know what you mean. And yes yes yes to the Blair Waldorf tribute. You're so pretty. I really like that giraffe necklace. :)

    1. Yes! I agree.... love that necklace girl!

  2. Lolol, this is me, every time I go shopping. Things just like to get in my way. And I totally thought of Blair when I spotted that blazer on instagrammy! :)


  3. It's so hard to continue hunting for one item when they just don't seem to be available! and I mean, striped burgundy blazers won't be around forever, right?

  4. That blazer is definitely WELL worth the shopping guilt we feel when we don't get what we ventured out for lol.
    Have a great Friday xo

  5. Well worth the change in plans! You look great.


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