danielle loves her big butt [a love letter]

Danielle is THE Goodwillisa. She inspires me to stick to a budget and remix what I've got the get the most out of my buck and my wardrobe. She's a Louisiana sweetheart and the savviest thrifter this side of the Mississippi. Like me, Danielle fills out those discounted pencil skirts with a bodacious booty. And like Dago, her fianc√© loves her in a pair of yoga pants. We're basically bum-sisters, so I'm glad she wrote up a little something for y'all to read. Take it away, Danielle!

Disclaimer: These letters are personal and vulnerable, but important to share. Please be sensitive of that if you choose to leave a comment. Body shaming will not be tolerated.
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Dear Big Butt, 

You and I have a love/hate relationship.
I love that you look amazing in tight pair of jeans. 
I love that my fianc√© loves you. 
Especially in a pair of yoga pants. 
I love to shake you whenever I feel like it. 
I love that you keep me warm while sitting on you for long periods of time. 
I hate that you make me feel self conscious in my pencil skirts. 
Because sometimes I feel like people will think that I’m trying to be too sexy when dressing for work. 
I hate that you and my smaller waist do not get along when shopping for bottoms. 
I hate that you make my already short shorts, shorter. 
I hate that you get the wrong attention from the wrong people. 
Overall butt, I think I like you for the most part. 
I would never change you or trade you for larger breasts. 
I’m hoping that you never change on me. 
Because that just wouldn’t be pretty. 

Love, Danielle


  1. I <3 you, Danielle & your big butt! :)

  2. Seriously, what is it about yoga pants that makes butts look AMAZING? I wish I could wear them all day everyday. This is a great post, Danielle!

  3. I love what you're doing here and I love your blog! I am your newest GFC follower!


  4. This is fantastic...for the record though I don't think she has a big butt. It looks great to me!


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