elissa loves her scars [a love letter]

I'm so thrilled to introduce you all to Elissa of Style-Wire. She's a Corpus Christi girl living the life in Boston. Every time she posts, I learn something major--whether about better spending, better dressing, or better self-realization. I want so much to grow up to be even a little like Elissa. She's a true badass. Take it away, Elissa!

Disclaimer: These letters are personal and vulnerable, but important to share. Please be sensitive of that if you choose to leave a comment. Body shaming will not be tolerated.
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They’re evidence of trees climbed, mosquito laden summers, childhood spills, and so much more. The dark spots plague my legs. Over the years some have faded, new ones have made their mark, but for the most part, these scars are here to stay...

For years I hated you.  Sure, it was my fault I was chasing that kid and ate shit in the school parking lot and busted my knee. And yeah, it was my fault I scratched that horrendous mosquito bite until it was raw and scabbed over, but do you have to be so dark?

Your uneven spots are scattered across my legs, with my bony shins your favorite place to make your home. Each new scrape or fall meant another scar. You’d appear as the scabs gave way to newly healed skin—typically three shades darker than the rest of my skin.

Middle and high school gym class meant shorts.  Oh, how you've caused me to resent such a cute (and cool) summer wardrobe staple. “Why do you have those marks? How come you have so many?” kids would ask. People still ask today.

The beach makes me feel awkward; I get self-conscious every time I encounter a pair of shorts or a miniskirt but you give me character. I’m doing my best to embrace you, to wear you proudly as a badge of honor rather than a source of embarrassment. I hope you can forgive my resentment, while I can love my chicken-thin legs, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to love you yet. But I’m learning and I’m starting to like you.

Just a little bit. 


  1. I love this so much! I have many scars on my arms. Mine are from my own bad decisions. But they were from a past and difficult season of life. And learning to love them is hard. But really, scars are beautiful! They have stories! And they show there has been healing. :) My little sister is 13 now and becoming a young woman. And her legs are beautifully decorated with scars from her rough and tough tom boy days of climbing trees, playing sports, and roughhousing with her brother. I hope she is able to also one day seem them as character, a piece of history, a story of healing, and proof of a fulfilled childhood! Your post was very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I completely agree with the understanding that scars = character. It's your story. What makes you, you. And I love what Caitlin said about "proof of a fulfilled childhood"! I hope year after year each of your new beauty marks become a little more lovable in your eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is beautifully written. Thanks for posting it.

  4. This is wonderful. I don't have many scars, but the ones I do have I have learned to love. Scars are one of the few things we all have that are always truly uniquely our own, and there are such stories behind them. Also, scars = survival. Which is the biggest deal of all.

  5. Laides, thank you all for the support & kind words! Hope you'll follow!
    xoxo Elissa



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