grown up goals: february

I never expected to end the sentence "When I grow up, I want to be a..." with "business woman," but it appears that this might be my next step on the ol' career train. As some of you know, I already have a couple of jobs, but have had trouble securing a third source of income that was the right fit. So, instead of trying to squish a new career in advertising, bridal gown consulting, or copy editing into my already packed schedule, I'm going to work for myself. Yep, say hello to the newest social media + branding consultant for wedding vendors in Austin. (I'm working on a shorter name...bear with me.)

So, what does that mean, you ask? Well, the idea I have laid out in my mind is that I will offer packages to wedding vendors (coordinators, florists, cake bakers, etc.) who are interested in revamping their brand or expanding their social media presence. I'm working on creating 3 different packages that include various aspects of marketing strategies. In addition to the packages, a vendor can purchase a monthly subscription from me and I will run their social media for them. My grown up goal for February is to get these packages in order and create my new brand. This means business cards, a new website, rates for my services, and list of potential clients. Oh, and lots of networking.

I'll be honest, typing all of this out to y'all is totally scary, but also really exciting. I never imagined I would be using phrases like "marketing strategies" or "branding consulting," but why not? These are things I know how to do and went to school for and am intuitively good at. I've always seen myself having a handful of jobs because my interests are so wide, but all really important to me. This way I don't get burnt out doing one thing for too long and I always have something new and fun to turn to when one of my jobs is making me restless. 

Eventually, I hope to make my consulting gig the primary source of my income and let the other jobs be more for fun and stimulation of the heart, but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself to be successful right away. I'll pick up projects as they come to be and seek out vendors whose missions I really believe in. The only person I really have to answer to is myself, so if I'm unhappy or uncomfortable with where something is going, I have the power to stop or redirect it.

The biggest obstacle in completing this goal is glaringly clear to me: defining my monetary worth. I've been reaching out to other small business owners, specifically designers and consultants, as well as generally business savvy friends, but my anxiety has kept me from being able to write down real numbers. This month, I have to stop thinking in hypothetical, undefined terms and write down a few numbers. I can always change them...I just need to remember that.

So what advice do you have for me? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? How did you translate your creative services into a dollar amount?

Oh, and what should I call my business!? I'm playing around with a couple of names (Unveiled Consulting and Here Comes the Brand), but I would love some input.


  1. This is definitely a career goal for me in the next 5-10 years. At the moment, I want to gain more experience + funds so that I have something to fall back on just in case. Congrats on going for it! The wedding industry is a great place to be for marketing (esp social media). Let me know if you ever need a biz partner ;)

  2. I'm so excited for you!
    Get it girl!!

  3. Good luck with all your amazing and exciting adventures!

    Have a fantastic day,

  4. This is fantastic February news! What a brave thing to really go for. It's inspiring. Good luck!

  5. I know I've seen positions advertised where a company is looking to get their social media platform off the ground, so maybe you could google around and see how much they generally offer? I would think that money-wise, pricing yourself wouldn't be too different than looking at an offered salary. How many hours is this work going to take, and how much is that per hour? How much do people in similar jobs with similar time commitments make? Is that a price I can live with. I think a lot of it will be figuring out how long it will take for you to establish all of the marketing stuff involved in the package (and how long it will take for your clients to see results); I think you can guess what the upkeep time commitment would be. And of course I would think you would start on the low side of these estimates, since it is a new business and people will be taking a chance on you, and work slowly raise prices as you gain experience, boost your resume, and get a better idea of the commitment as you go.

    Best of luck! Sounds fun!

  6. Girl! I am so excited for you! Let me know if I can help in anyway! I'm really looking forward to seeing your career grow :)

  7. Oh Nicole! This is so so exciting! I'm a business student currently..I definitely never thought I'd be here, and I feel like it's all a bit overwhelming at times and I don't quite fit in. But I'm excited for you!! Seriously, I'm that excited..I just used excited three times in like three sentences. You're so brave, girl.

    I'd be so willing to help you if you ever need any! :)
    I'm gonna think of a few names in the mean time though.

    Yay! And Jennifer, that's some good advice! :D


  8. This is really exciting for you! I don't know too much about starting up my own business, so I can't give you a whole lot of advice, but definitely don't sell yourself short in terms of compensation. I think that's a mistake a lot of people make at first. Compensation can come in many forms (monetary, exposure, etc), but don't under-value your talents! :)

  9. Congratulations! This is so exciting! I actually may have a client referral for you, send me an email when you have a moment! She is in Houston though.

    Best of luck with this venture, I am confident you will exceed your expectations :)

  10. Good for you Nicole. Make it happen hunny! I'm a makeup artist and would love to see what you'll have to offer. :) Have a great weekend! I hope the weather is still wonderful this weekend.

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  11. how exciting! good for you for making your dreams happen, ever since getting married last year i've been toying with the idea of doing something in event planning. i think "here comes the brand" is so cute!


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