kirsten loves her skinny baby feet [a love letter]

Kirsten of K&R is precious, but that's obvious. She's also so smart and so ridiculously funny and one of the kindest, friendliest bloggers I've encountered. She's so much fun to engage with every day over posts about spotted pants, crazy Mondays, and sunshine. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I lived anywhere near Utah so I could hang out with her. Hey Kirsten--come visit us in Austin. It's like 70* here, you'll love it. Anyway, on to the body positivity. Take it away Kirsten!

Disclaimer: These letters are personal and vulnerable, but important to share. Please be sensitive of that if you choose to leave a comment. Body shaming will not be tolerated.
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dear skinny baby feet:

you, my skinny baby feet, have always been my favorite. as i have been told many times before they are "my great grandma story's feet," and for that i thank my great grandma. these skinny little feet that i have never fail me. i can jam my foot in any shoe, however if someone with a regular to wide foot has tried on the shoe, it will never fit, for even the slightest stretch will make them too wide. on the plus side i can occasionally slip into some kids shoes, score!

at first glance most people just assume that i have baby feet, they're a size 6, so not too shabby. however during months where socks aren't necessary the real secret is revealed. not only are you baby feet, but freakishly skinny baby feet, making you appear much smaller than you really are. this however is why i love you my skinny baby feet.

skinny baby feet, you always look so much cuter in shoes. there's always room for extra socks in the winter (not only does it keep me warm, but it helps to fill out the shoes). your size is always out on the display, so i can avoiding speaking with sales people.

so thank you skinny baby feet, for being able to hold up my body. being able squeeze into all the small shoes and still lookin' cute. i can always count on you to stay my small skinny baby feet.


  1. My best friend is a size 5.5-6 and she has the cutest shoes! She seriously has the best of both worlds! The adult section typically has her size available and the children's section has a great price.

  2. Nicole, thanks for saying like the nicest things ever about me lady! You are the best :)


  3. My feet are skinny, but not particularly baby -- but I love this post! What a great idea for a series.

  4. I actually really envy the smaller feet. I'm on the other end of the spectrum (size 9 1/2-10) and it can be rough stuff, especially online--very few retailers sell half sizes above 8 1/2, for some reason. It's soul crushing to try and squeeze into a 9 and the 10 is sold out and otherwise they're perfect. It's a woeful time! Feet in general though...they're good stuff. Keeping us upright and all.

  5. Dear Kirsten, I wish I had your feet!!!!


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