kristina loves her legs [a love letter]

Kristina of Kristina in Retroworter is one of those bloggers you want to have a slumber party with, where you stay up all night talking and realize that you would have been best friends in kindergarten, fifth grade, eighth grade, junior year, and could have been your college roommate. She has adorable pups and a sweet husband, but that doesn't mean she doesn't struggle with her body too. I'm loving reading all of these body celebrations and I hope you are too. Take it away, Kristina!

Disclaimer: These letters are personal and vulnerable, but important to share. Please be sensitive of that if you choose to leave a comment. Body shaming will not be tolerated.
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When Nicole asked me to be a part of this series, I immediately thought, “what’s my least favorite part of my body?” The answer wasn't too hard to find, and although I've never truly struggled with an eating disorder before, I've had friends, some even very close, that have struggled with it. So, here is my love letter to the least favorite part of my body, my legs.

Dear lovely legs,

We’ve gone through many stages together. Once, you were lanky little kid legs with knobby knees, and I was a tiny little blonde headed girl running around, kicking soccer balls, playing dress-up and pretending to be a pop star, who would one day marry Lance from N’Sync (that’s obviously not possible..), and I had no cares in the world, especially none about my own body. Then came the awkward pre-teen stage, where I was a bit chubby in the cheeks, and you were starting to become an area of concern. Now, I didn’t really notice until junior high that you weren’t like those other girls’, those girls that grew to be five-foot-nine, while I stayed a measly five-four. After years of running, jumping, and kicking you’d become rather muscly and stout, and to me, muscles didn’t feely girly, which is all I wanted to be. I wanted to be perfect, and in my eyes at that time, perfect had nothing to do with short, stout legs and all to do with long and skinny legs. There were times when boys would come up to me and tell me they wish they had calf muscles like mine, I suppose that’s a compliment in boy language, but in girl language, it was an embarrassing blow to an already vulnerable area of my body.  I’d just laugh it off and pretend it didn’t matter, but deep down, all I wanted was for my “squatty little legs” to run off onto someone else, while I stole Emma Watson’s. I couldn’t see what everyone else around me saw, and sometimes you blinded me so much that I didn’t even like my entire body. But then, one day, I realized -- I am beautiful just the way I am. I was perfectly and gracefully made, and no one else would or will ever be me. I may never be able to fit into size 0 jeans because they probably wouldn’t be able to come over my thighs, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I still get frustrated with you, when I look down at my lap while I’m sitting in class and nitpick at every detail of you, but you are beautiful, and I must remind myself of that every single day until it fully sinks in. You are beautiful.

Love always,


  1. A woman after my own heart. I wrote about my legs in my letter too!
    My calves are approximately the same size/larger than my boyfriends. (I probably should say that he doesn't have little legs either.) They're just another one of those body parts that gets talked about as if they should look a certain way to be attractive but if we don't have confidence in them, who will?

  2. Great post Kristina!!
    My legs are muscular too, I ran track for years!!!


  3. :) Thank you ladies!

    And thank you, Nicole, for asking me to be a part of this week. I absolutely love it!

    1. I think your muscular legs are awesome. Just like your face. I used to have the same issue with my legs from dancing so much. I had thunder thighs. When I got to college and stopped dancing so much, I lost them and crazy enough I kinda miss them!

    2. My legs have become much less muscular during college (aka I should probably workout more), and then I gained like.. 50 lbs, then lost it, and now I'm here. I like it for the most part, but there's still those nagging thoughts in the back of my head. Such is the life of a girl (or person in general..I feel like guys are kind of like this too sometimes).

      Tehe, you're awesome girly.

  4. What a lovely series, Nicole! It's definitely a great way to think positively about the parts of our bodies we don't love.

    Kristina, thanks for sharing!

  5. Ah, I had Lance fever too. I have monster calves too, but I've always loved them. (Though I always had my arms to contend with.) I'm glad you and your legs get along now, because I bet they're awesome!

  6. Kristina, this letter is so beautiful and honest, and it made me think.. I'm past the age when you become a young woman and still remember every feeling you had as a teenager, but I know that through the years I've carried some things or thoughts about my body with me that I wish I left behind. Writing a letter is an amazing way to deal with it.
    Nicole, this was an amazing idea, I'm off now to read the previous letters too!



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