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It's the first day of a long week, so let's start out on a positive note, shall we?

So the other morning, before a photo shoot, I wake up with a chin full of angry red blemishes. Yuck. I would say I (finally) have relatively clear skin, usually with a single, hardly noticeable blemish on my forehead or on my chin at any given time. I've tried on-the-spot treatments before and they've done nothing but peel and itch. I sent out a tweet and did some quick research, finding that most spot-treatments are better used at night because they do, in fact, tend to peel and itch. All I wanted was the swelling and redness to go down so I could cover them with some tinted moisturizer and move on with my day.

Anyway, so I went to Randall's and bought this and am so glad I did because it worked wonders. Within a couple of hours, the redness was totally gone and the blemishes had gone down in size significantly. The gel comes out of the tube white, but absorbs right away, instead of leaving that flaky white residue that some spot-treatments have. Also, I generally have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to leaving anything on it for more than a second, but I haven't had any problem with this at all. I used it twice a day for two days and by day three, I had no remaining blemishes or scarring! I legit don't have any complaints about this product. 
Got a pimple? Go buy this!

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  1. I'm Going to have to try this stuff thanks for Sharing. Your Blog is So cute and full of good stuff!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Been trying to find the best spot treatment for my random blemishes.

  3. yes yes yes! This stays stocked in my medicine cabinet at all times. Now I just have to stop picking...

  4. I might have to give this stuff a try! I think I'm going to be one of those really lucky individuals who has (moderate) acne forever...yeahhhhh.


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