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dress: Luxe Apothetique (local boutique) // vest: Target (little girls' section) // shoes: Lulu's (same
I thought of this outfit a while back, but it got too warm in Austin to wear faux fur, so it got moved down my "to wear" list. When I checked the weather and saw it was in the high 50s, I decided that was good enough. I bought this dress last winter and wore it constantly right around New Years. It's a ridiculously comfortable dress and I love that it buttons all the way up.

I wore this to Quacks Bakery last week to meet up with my new buddy Annie. She's a graphic designer + web developer who's helping me get Here Comes the Brand up and running. I love new friends, especially ladies with skillz.

After our coffee date, I did some last minute Valentine's Day shopping for Dago at the mall and I must have looked like such a fashion blogger because everyone was staring at me. I mean, thanks, but I'm in a time crunch! Anyway, it was the perfect coffee + errands outfit and I'll probably be repeating it until spring.

Oh, and sometimes Dago walks up while I'm taking photos of myself and photo bombs me. Thanks, babe.


  1. you are so cute.
    i love these pictures.
    and what a great dress.
    however i have a fear of fur.
    its freaks me out and i can't touch it, unless it is on a nice fluffy animal.
    also love that photobomb.


  2. your glasses are adorable - and so are these pictures.

    the black on black looks fabulous on you!


  3. I JUST left a thrift store that had a girls size fur vest for $2.50... you're making me wish I would've gotten it!

  4. Hahahahahahaha oh that last picture is hilarious.

    Ps. You look cute!

  5. I <3 that vest.
    I don't think I'm brave enough to wear one yet, but..maybe one day.
    Oh, and I know it's probably just the fact that I actually wear real clothes to school, but people give me stares and looks all the time now. Oh well ;)

    ps. you two are adorbs.
    pss. I love your dress.
    psssssssst.. I love your giraffe.


  6. I love this outfit to pieces!

  7. Haha I love me a good photo-bomb. that's hilarious, william does that to me sometimes too! you have cute style :)

    The House of Shoes

  8. Haha, that's such a great photobomb! Love it!

    You know, I've yet to acquire a fur vest living where I do, but I always love looking at outfits with them. They just look so comfy! Also, is that a tiny giraffe necklace?? It's SO adorable!

  9. I love that fur vest soooo much! You look gorgeous!!


  10. Love your vest! It looks so good against the all black dress

  11. Lol, you sound like us Floridians, as soon as it hits 50s we pull out our boots and jackets :-)
    Very cute outfit.

  12. omg. i wore something eerliy similar and have it in the post queue for the blog! GREAT MINDS! Seriously.

  13. Your vest and your flats are really cute. I love them!

  14. That is such an adorable giraffe necklace! Where's it from?

    1. ahh, i'm the worst and forgot to link to it! the necklace is from the world's cutest etsy shop bip & bop.

  15. In loooove with this outfit! Great vest!!

  16. hahaha. Photobombing at it's best right? So cute. Catching up on blog posts!! Miss seeing your lovely face xoxo!



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