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As spring starts to warm up my little city, I can feel the real heat coming soon enough. I've loved wearing my denim jacket since I bought it at the end of last summer. It gives feminine outfits a little edge, too put-together outfits a little charm, and totally dressed down items a final touch. With a summer full of music festivals and playing in the sunshine ahead of me, I'm thinking that a denim vest might be a worthy replacement for my jacket during the scorching summer months in Texas.

Is a denim vest a worthy investment? Should I try to thrift one (or even a jacket and lop off the sleeves)? If I thrift my own, I might just have to polka dot it myself because that's too cute to pass up. Or are you loving one of these ready-to-wear styles above? Should I do dark, light, or printed denim? Or none at all?


  1. Well, if you remember my outfit last Friday you know I would invest! But seriously, I almost returned it so many times because I just wasn't sure if I could pull it off or get a lot of wear out of it. I had a lot of affirmation from my co-workers, though, that I could indeed make it work! So, I went for it and am happy with my purchase. I bought mine at UO.. they are Levi's, but I would totally recommend thrifting it if you can find a good one!

    1. you are 100% my inspiration behind wanting a denim vest. your outfit at the mixer was perfect and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it!

  2. I saw that Forever 21 one on a girl on YouTube and I've been obsessed ever since. I used to think vests were gross altogether, and that denim vests were way too grunge for me, but I'm warming up to them so much! I am in love with that polka dot one!

  3. I don't think I can pull this off but I can totally see you rockin' one of these! You have the kind of style that could make this work. Find one at a thrift store (or fix up a thrifted jean jacket) and give it a try!
    With Luck

  4. I'm a little scared of vests. BUT I just invested $5 dollars in a thrifted dark wash denim vest with a cut mock leather collar! I'm excited to work it into an outfit soon for spring!


  5. I love this look. #1 is the best cut and color for my taste. I think I would try to find one at a thrift store before I invested a ton of money in a vest. Lol... invest in a vest.
    nothing but a pigeon

  6. "dark, light, or printed denim? Or none at all?" Uhm you forgot to put all of the above! I think I would invest in one that I would love forever and then thrift some to play with! A polka-dot DIY would be awesome!


  7. Definitely try to thrift one! I think they're cute and could replace your jean jacket, but I've seen way too many jean jackets and vests at thrift stores, so I don't think it's something you should spend too much on... nothing over $10 actually haha ;)

    <3 danielle

  8. Love that Madewell one... but I'd probably try to thrift it instead. I love a good thrifting challenge!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  9. Look at the thrift store around you first! Remember fashion comes in cycles and I'm sure this 90's trend can be found for much less than any of these. I like the Urban Outfitters one best, I think a medium colored denim like that would probably go with the most items. Good luck hunting!


  10. If you're thinking just for summer, I would say light wash because it seems to go better withs summer clothes. I don't really believe in investing in summer clothes because you're going to sweat in them and roll them up and put them in a pool tote and spill tequila on them, but that's just me.

  11. Oh the good old denim vest.... I don't know about spending a lot of money on one but I'd definitely purchase one since I really like the look!


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