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Dago pointed out the other day that it might be time for my purse to bite the dust. I've been carrying the same tan American Eagle crossbody bag for like three years. I love this bag. I searched for months to find the perfect tan crossbody bag and "splurged" ($30 was a lot for a purse at the time!) to get it. It has an adjustable strap and fits all of my things nicely. We've been through so much together. I've taken her to concerts and parties, interviews and networking events, work, class, and of course, shopping. I love having my arms free and not having to worry about lugging around some big tote when I'm running errands or out and about.

The first big hit it took was when the magnetic snap came off. It was a pretty powerful magnet, which was apparently too powerful for the fabric it was attached to. So, bye bye went the snap. But that was okay because the top flap was long and heavy enough to stay closed anyway.

Next the strap started to look worn. The edges of the tan 'leather' peeled away exposing the dull under-layer. Eventually the side of the top flap that rubs against my arm when I wear it began to show some heavy wear as well. The whole bag ranges in its shades of tan and doesn't look as nice as it once did. I guess I was trying to deny it for as long as possible to prolong the purse shopping process.

So here we are. I'm awfully picky about purses. My mom is the kind of woman who changes her purse every time she changes her outfit, but I don't play like that. I want one purse that I can wear to any venue or occasion, with any outfit. I want to be as hands free as possible. I want to be able to carry my wallet and my business card pouch, my phone and my many lipsticks, my keys and my collection of loose bobby pins. I want a strap that doesn't hurt my shoulder and that hangs the bag at the perfect length across my bum.

I've been dreaming of bags in shades of red, pink, orange, and yellow. No matter what I'm wearing, I think a bag in any of these colors would make a statement, but could still be worn as a sort of neutral. Turns out purses really only have a splurge or save option, so I've divided my wishlist accordingly. Maybe I can find one of these splurge bags on Ebay, right?

(clockwise from top left)  Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Cross Body Bag // Marc Jacobs Washed Up Cross Body Bag // J.Crew Teeny Edie Purse // Kate Spade Bow Terrace Leigh //  Marc Jacobs Classic Q Isabelle Cross Body Bag // J.Crew Mini Bag

(clockwise from top left) Charlotte Russe Mini Chain Strap Evening Bag // Coopertive Inverted Arrow Crossbody Bag // Forever 21 Metal Trimmed Crossbody // Top Shop Pushlock Crossbody Bag // Merona Turnkey Crossbody Handbag // Forever 21 Heart Lock Shoulder Bag

What's your criteria for a new purse?


  1. Ugh, I'm in the same boat. I want a snazzy new briefcase to celebrate grad school graduation, but bag shopping is so high pressure! I'm going to be carrying this thing for years-- I wanna get the right one! (First world problems)

  2. Guuuuh, that first Marc Jacobs bag is to die for! Loove it.
    But, I also love the Charlotte Russe quilted bag too, and the Target one too!

    I'm pretty picky about bags as well, and I've been really wanting to invest in one at some point. I mainly buy cross body bags as well, I've got a couple that aren't, but they hardly ever get used. It's just so nice not to have to worry about lugging a big 'ol bag around, because Lord knows I'd leave it somewhere (may or may not have happened a few times..oops). I've seen a couple at Target that I wouldn't mind having, and there's one at Kate Spade I've been dreaming about.. but I'll probably have to hold out for the time being. Go you for wanting a bright colored bag! I always seem to get tan or black!

  3. I have... too many bags, not enough bags that I actually like? Somehow, that happened. Recently I've been having a love affair with simple tote bags, but I also really like that red target crossbody handbag... can't wait to see what you pick!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  4. I love that Kate Spade and the copy cat version from target. Do it!!
    With Luck Blog

  5. I have a purse super similar to the one you said you loved, and I love it! It does seem to go with nearly everything, and I LOVE having a purse that keeps my hands free. It's a must on day dates and shopping trips.

  6. I love how easy crossbodies are to hold onto, but I feel like they look silly on me. I will say I'm a big fan of having a tote that fits perfectly under my arm, and there's something to say for having a bag that's small enough to carry as a purse but big enough to throw your laptop in with a sleeve, a water bottle in, sneak snacks into a movie, etc. I'm a big bag for life girl just because I have a life full of stuff, but that's just me!

  7. RIP your purse. I finally made a major investment--a (magenta!) Kate Spade purse--about 6 months ago, and I love that thing. It's a cross body, which I love but haven't had in a really really long time, and if I fit everything in there right, I can load my camera, a book, and my wallet in there. Which is unheard of for me. That's my only criteria--being able to fit a ton of crap in there. I was willing to buy it because I've always wanted a Kate Spade, I wanted to reward myself for doing so well in grad school, and Kate Spade was conveniently having a crazy sale that was like 50% off. I think my bag was actually more off. But either way, it's an awesome bag and I'm glad I have it and I hope I never have to buy another one ever again because I really hate purse shopping.


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