becca loves her buns, hips, & thighs [a love letter]

Becca, fellow Austinite and blogger over at Along For The Ride, is someone I'm so excited to share on the blog. Her grace towards others is so humbling, so I knew a letter to herself would fill readers with compassion. Becca's truly celebrates all of her blessings, whether it be good food, friendship, or the perfect striped top. Her letter is one I think we can all relate to and echos so many of the struggles we fight through on a daily basis. Take it away, Becca!

Disclaimer: These letters are personal and vulnerable, but important to share. Please be sensitive of that if you choose to leave a comment. Body shaming will not be tolerated.
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Dear buns, hips and thighs,

I’ll admit; you aren't my favorite. I often find it a struggle to look at you in the mirror every day. You make it hard for me to find jeans that fit and it’s pretty much impossible for me to pull off colored pants like girls with thin legs can. You make me dread bathing suit season because the cutest bottoms never offer enough coverage. You are the subject of countless embarrassing jokes made by men and you attract the gaze of judgmental girls. I try and try to get rid of you by running and watching what I eat, but it looks like we are going to be stuck together forever.

So, here’s what we’re going to do: I’m going to stop obsessing over you because, well, I can’t change you. You are a part of me and you always will be. Even though you can be detrimental to my self-esteem, you have offered me some benefits in the past. Legs, you are strong and you made me good at sports. Butt, you provide a natural cushion against hard chairs and bleacher seats. Thighs, you contribute to my hourglass shape and put me in the “curvy” category with some of the most beautiful women alive.

I am not perfect and I may never have the ideal body. But I am healthy, and for that I am thankful. I promise to start showing you more love because you make me 100% unique, and that makes me beautiful.



  1. Becca -- thanks for your honesty and humor. This is such a great idea, Nicole! So glad I found your blog; I'm hooked!

  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing Becca! :)

  3. Pretty clothes, cats and feminism? Holy crap, I love this blog. This is a great great GREAT series. Amazing.

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog. I'm pretty new to the blog world. I love this idea of letters to self. This is wonderful! I enjoyed reading this and the beautiful photo to go along with it.


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