frazzled tuesday

remember that time i said i wanted to get ahead in my blog posts again? it didn't really happen. i've been working every day and busy every night, so i haven't had time to write anything or take photos of my outfits.

last night i went to seder with my family. i completely recycled this outfit, so there wasn't any reason to photograph it again. i had planned on wearing something new and exciting, but the darn weather got so cold that i wanted to get one more wear out of my boots and sweater dress before i pack it away for next november.

today i'm feeling hungover from the criticisms of my grandparents reverberating in my mind and coping with some yucky food-borne illness i took home with me from the seder. good times.

tuesdays are usually the best. step it up, march 26th.

in other news, i'm wearing red today to show support for marriage equality. maybe you'll be graced with an outfit post tomorrow, depending on how this food poisoning plays out today.

tell me something good?


  1. Dear Nicole, it sounds like you're having a rough couple of days, and you've asked to be told something good, so I'm going to tell you something good. I follow your blog on bloglovin'. I follow a lot of blogs on bloglovin'. Unlike many of the blogs I follow though, I think I have actually read every one of your posts since I started following. Maybe that's because I've actually known you in real life and we shared poetry, or because we're the same age, maybe not. I love that you embrace the bits of yourself that most people find embarrassing, like love of tween music and struggling with mental health. I love that you have the courage to try being an entrepreneur. I love that you are making room in your life for the things that you are passionate about. I loved the hair twist-back that you did so much in your last post that I did my closest approximation today. These are the ways we touch others when we share ourselves with them. Keep loving yourself and knowing that you are doing your best and eventually the world will fall in line (even grandparents).

    1. this comment means so much to me, jen. i've read it over and over the last couple of days and it has really made me feel stronger. partly because you said some really nice things, and partly because they came from you. i've always admired you as a writer and a woman. i love that you read blogs and that you continue to read mine, even when things get a little tweeny around here.

      you're such a remarkable person and i'm so thankful to know you.


  2. Yikes girl! Feel better! I always feel guilty when I ignore my blog for a day or two.. but truth is if you stepped away for a few days to get your body and mind back up to full health I wouldn't mind one bit! So I don't know why I feel so guilty... moral of this story is I hope you stop feeling guilty about it, too! Just get yourself better, okay?
    With Luck Blog

  3. Happy Pesach! Are you keeping kosher for Passover? I'm trying, but... gosh, I love bread and pasta like nothing else. Sorry you've having a rough time -- here's something good: I really, really think you're great. I love your writing and your personal style, and I'm SO glad we've found each other on this big, wide, wild internet. Pretty clothes, cats and feminism are my top three interests! You're the best, and I hope you feel better.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

    1. thanks for your constant sweet comments, girl. this big, wild internet is a crazy place, so it's always nice to know you have someone looking out for you. especially when it's someone you really like. i feel like the first year i was blogging, i didn't encounter anyone enough like myself/my friends to really interact with, but i feel like i have a little bffldom now and it makes me so happy.

      as for passover, i haven't been keeping it since i graduated from high school. i consider myself to be a cultural jew (because it's not something you can escape) more than a religious jew. i was raised reform and was bat mitzvahed, and then it was all a little downhill from there.

      i didn't realize you were jewish (or just doing passover because you think it's fun? ...probably not)! one year i turned orange during passover because i only ate oranges and carrots. hang in there if you are keepin' it kosher and try not to turn orange!


    2. Yup, I'm Jewish -- not particularly religious at this point (raised reform, ish -- pretty lax though my dad takes it more seriously), but since I moved away from family, I've found myself way more into celebrating Passover and other big holidays. I kinda like keeping Kosher for Passover just to see if I can do it, if that makes sense. I went out with friends for pre-work breakfast today and seriously considered getting a bagel, but somehow talked myself out of it!

      Anyways -- let me just say again: so glad you're here. I love reading your blog and your sweet comments. Hope you're feeling better.


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