international women's day

It's International Women's Day! My favorite day of the year! 
(Also my brother's birthday. Happy birthday, Evan!)

At St. Ed's, I was very involved with (and held presidency of) the feminist group on campus, Women Empowerment. In my time at the university, IWD became a bigger and bigger deal campus-wide. By time I graduated, we had a whole festival with music and speakers and lots of happy lady celebratin'.

One of my favorite traditions about IWD is to buy roses for the special women in my life. I did this each year and handed them out to by best gal pals and to professors I felt connected to in some capacity. During the second semester of my sophomore year, I was having a rough time getting over a messy break up and a messier roommate situation. I had all female professors this semester and each one helped me grow tremendously as a writer, feminist, scholar, and as a woman. I have a thank you card hanging on my fridge from one of the professors to whom I gave a rose that says "Thank you for the rose. It made me so happy." I look at this card every single time I pour myself a glass of water and feel all warm and fuzzy.

That's what being a woman is about to me. The warm and fuzzies. The hand squeezes and knowing looks. The not having to explain why something hurt or felt so good, because we all know. I love being a woman.

It's no secret on this blog that I love to celebrate women and womanhood. If I could give you all a rose today, I would. Since I can't, to celebrate today, I'd love if you would leave a comment with:
1. something you love about being a woman
2. a woman you admire and why she's special to you

If nothing else, I think it'll be fun to go back and read and get all the warm and fuzzies. Being a part of something just feels good, so leave a comment and go celebrate!


  1. I love women like you, Nicole. Sweet, caring, generous women who are not catty, not competitive, not hateful. I mean, I think it's natural for feelings like that to arise occasionally, but you just seem to choose to overcome those emotions for the sake of loving women. Thank you for that. Women need love. We just do. And we need love from each other. You just make my heart soar, ladybug. <3 You're the woman I admire!

    One thing I love about being a woman is the ability to be both strong and graceful/beautiful at the same time. I love working out, I love training my muscles and becoming strong, and I love the feeling that gives me. I love being strong, because it's such a contrast with the view that women are weak. I love being able to leave the gym after a workout, drenched with sweat, after having just lifted weights with the guys.... and then going home, showering, putting on makeup and a dress, and just feeling so lovely and girly. I know I talk about working out a lot in my blog, but it's just so empowering to me! It's proof to myself that I am not a weak woman, I am not a powerless woman, I can push myself and strengthen myself, and still have the grace to walk around in a pretty dress and heels. I love love love this contrast within myself. :)

  2. Great article, Nicole! I loved your idea about giving special women in your life a rose.

    I can say that what I love about being a woman is probably two-fold....I liked that I was able to have children...there was a power there that all my own. A sense of creation that I shared with Barry, but the changes to my body and feeling movement inside was something that only I could experience.
    The second thing I love about being a woman is at the age I am now, I can pretty much speak my mind and really not worry about who I might offend. In truth, I don't mean to offend anyone, but as we all know, sometimes, that can happen unintentionally.

    I have two women I admire very Grandmother Tracy and my mother, Coralie. My grandmother was 4'7" and lived to 82 yrs. old. She was a little power house of a woman and very much loved and protected on our little island of Port Aransas. She walked all over the island just about every day!
    My mother was a different type of woman....she did what she had to do. Although, she died of complications of alcoholism, she was a "tough old bird". She provided for me and my two sisters in the best way she could and I try to remember that every day!
    I appreciate the fact that I am from two woman with strong constitutions....I am a very lucky WOMAN!!!!

  3. YAY FEMINISM. I am out the door so I can't write a better comment, but I just had to say that.

  4. I love this post. Your story of your involvement on campus is really inspiring!
    I love the fact that I can be emotional and I can be in touch with myself and my feelings without being judged. I feel terrible that men don't have the ability to do that in this society. It's just not fair! People are made to feel, right? Going off that, I'm also incredible happy that years ago, women came together and created a movement for equality. Sometimes I feel like men just aren't lucky enough to have had that happen for them already! Sure they get tons of rights in the way of money and jobs and power, but at least we are fighting and making a moves to have it too.

    Anyway.... One of the women I admire most is my best friend, Bahar. She's strong and she's powerful and she's emotional and she doesn't apologize for it. She really allows herself to feel and that's extremely inspiring. I'm a thinker so sometimes I literally have to think "okay. what am I feeling right now? What am I going to do about it?" She just does.

    This might be my favorite post so far! Have a great weekend, lady!

  5. I'm always so happy when you write about "sisterhood," as you love to say, because you always have really great insights into what being a lady is. This post was no different. You're so inspiring! I wish I was as honest with myself as you are with your soul! :)

    One of the things I love being a young woman is that I am growing up in a time when, for various reasons, women's issues are at the forefront of American society today. if you ask me, some of these issues shouldn't even be issues in 2013. But I am glad that more people are realizing that women are quickly being the majority and we are the game-changers.

    Besides my family members, one of the most inspirational women I ever met was Mrs. Marcia Kinsey, who I think you're familiar with from school. I just loved her spirit and grace. She taught me so much about being a writer and woman, about having an illness and condition and living with dignity. I think so many of our female writing professors at school have such fascinating perspectives, and each of us have our favorites. For me, it was Mrs. K. I miss her terribly, but I'm so grateful I had her for the time I did.

    Thank you for this post! :)

  6. Such a sweet post. I love that rose idea! I created a group on campus during my undergrad at Seton Hill called the Feminist Collective that was to advocate for women's rights, educate about domestic and sexual abuse and raise money for a local women's shelter - we're obviously twins! haha :)

    As a woman, I love everything that everyone else already said. I love that we're graceful and tough, emotional yet strong and that what we're interested in (and the rights we deserve) are at the forefront of a lot of the topics in today's society. I love being an American woman, especially so that all of these things can actually be okay and "normal" and that we're free to be who we want.

    The two women I admire the most are my mom and her mother. Although my grandmother died when I was just becoming a teenager, I love the woman she was - I love the woman my mother is and even though both of them are much different than I am, I know that one thing remains the same and that is our heart for others and our faith. Because of them, I know who I am and where I'm coming from, and I also know where I'm going.


  7. I love this post - it is so empowering for women!
    What I love about being a woman: being strong, intelligent, breaking stereotypes, surprising people and excelling past men and exceeding their expectations of what a "woman can do." I am so proud to be a woman and especially a woman of color.

    I look up to my Grandmother who is no longer with us but was such a strong woman after losing her husband and raising three children alone. Always being cheerful, honest and hardworking. I miss you Grandma.

  8. Happy Women's Day!This is a wonderful post, I love your passion.


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