oxfords + stripes | round three

dress & necklace: thrifted // jacket: Nordy Rack // oxfords: Aldo
Lily of Fifth Freedom Fashion does this cool feature on her blog called Last Chance where she wears a few pieces she's on the fence about getting rid of to give them one more shot at salvation. She's inspired me to take a closer look at my closet and commit to give up of those things I just never wear.

This dress is another piece I bought a long time ago and never really figured out how to wear.  I got it for just a couple of bucks because there were a couple buttons missing, which I later found in the pocket and sewed on myself (it never hurts to ask for a discount on 'damaged' items!). the straps are a little too tall for my shoulders, so the whole bodice of the dress fits me kind of wonky. Then, there wasn't originally a button right at the waistline, which made an awkward gape behind the sash. 

The dress is too pretty to give up, but I think it might be time to pass it on to someone who . I think of this dress as being a bit longer, but I think because of the torso issues, it still falls quite a bit above my knee, at a pretty unflattering place. As much as I love orange, I don't know that these colors are so cute on me either. I honestly felt pretty uncomfortable all day in this dress, which should be the number one indicator that an item has run its course in my closet.

Ugh, I just realized that in the last photo it looks like a little jumpsuit on me. I'm still loving the stripes and oxfords look, but it's time for this dress to sashay away.

I'm working on setting up a shop my closet, where this dress will certainly be hanging for anyone who wants it. You know, now that I've done such a great job selling it to you...


  1. omg, Nicole, are you ready for this?
    On the streets of Austin no less, circa 2007. I loved that dress so much until it ripped to shreds :(

    Anyway, as if you needed further proof we are style sisters incarnate.

    1. also, the straps on mine were too long too, I glued them with fabric glue!

    2. omg all i want is to see that photo but i can't because your page is private. pls email it to me so i can revel in our awesomeness.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out -- I actually really like this dress on you, but I'm a sucker for 70s-esque color schemes these days. Plus, those shoes! I just can't get over how perfect they are.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  3. Such a cute outfit!! I adore any dress or skit that has pockets

  4. I was admiring the photos, and then I read your post! I think it looks quite nice on you, and it falls at a great length. I love the oxfords, and any dress looks cute with a denim jacket on top. BUT I fervently live by the rule that if I don't love it, I don't keep it. So, if it doesn't totally frill you, I think you are right in passing it on to someone who really likes it. :)

  5. so cute!


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