oxfords + stripes | round two

shirt: Target (similar) // blazer: stolen from brother // jeans: PacSun // shoes: Aldo
Fun Facts:
oo1. While I took these photos, two kids were making out and laughing under the bridge -- oh, young love
oo2. This was the first pair of skinny jeans I ever bought -- circa 2008
oo3. I never wear these jeans anymore because they are light-wash, but I quite like them with the darker blues on top
oo4. My brother wore this blazer to his consecration as our synagogue -- circa  2000
oo5. It's the only blazer that has ever really looked good on me
oo6. This top has really pretty gold sequin detailing on the shoulders that I didn't get a photo of -- my b
oo7. I feel like these photos look like autumn, though they were definitely taken in March -- silly Texas weather
oo8. Contessa really wants me to finish writing this post so I can pet her -- she keeps putting her head on all the keys


  1. Really love the shoes! I have a pair like that from target, but they are pretty old and starting to show it, haha.
    Cute outfit!


  2. I think this outfit a lot. Those shoes are seriously the best and that blazer circa 2000 should never again leave your hands.

  3. Oh heyy.. I own that same shirt. I really like this looksie, it's casual, yet the blazer gives it a little pizzazz (hah, i had no idea how to spell that but apparently it's a real word, no squiggles underneath!).

    I feel the same way about lighter washed jeans, but sometimes they're fun :)

  4. I need to get myself some oxfords!! So cute!!



  5. Aww yisss, stripes and oxfords forever and ever -- that's my official motto. Love this!

  6. I am in love with those oxfords! Also you can never, ever go wrong with stripes and a navy blazer. And if you had to swipe it from your brother? All the better, I say! Boys always just seem sooo comfy.

    1. Yep, that's supposed to say "boys' clothing"... time to go to sleep, Melina!

  7. I love your poses! That jacket is really great.


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