primary colors

peplum: DIY // sweater: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // skirt: Cotton On // shoes: LuLu's (same) // bag: Buffalo Exchange
I'm like stupid-excited about this outfit, y'all. It's one of my favorite outfits of all time, I think. 

Exciting things about this look:
// This is the first center-part hairstyle I've attempted. I surprisingly really like it. What do you think? (Be brutal!)
// This is the clutch I took to senior prom. It's the only clutch I own.
// This is my first black mini skirt. I know. I'm so glad I finally found one!
// This is the first time I've actually worn my peplum DIY on the blog. Dark denim is surprisingly hard to pair with other things. How would you style it?
// I threw on the cardigan for the sake of primary colors. I think it looks fab.
// I wore this outfit to the opening of a graphic design agency. It was the hippest party I've probably ever been to. Dago and I stood together and judged all of the outfits in the room for an hour and a half and then went home to watch Community. It was a good night.
// I'm excited to repeat this outfit a bunch. I try not to be a repeat outfit offender, but I can't wait to wear it again.

What would you wear to a hip design party?


  1. you hair i love it.
    also those shoes remind me of my little black ones!
    and parties we don't go to those haha.


  2. I love the center part! I could never pull it off but it looks good on you :)

    You're In Brookelynn

  3. I love all the colors together! So pretty. I like that you paired a looser top with the tighter skirt.

  4. 1- I love primary colors
    2- I love the center part
    3- Buy more clutches! They're so fun!
    With Luck Blog

  5. This outfit is so cute and girly! Love those flats :)

  6. I am totally LOVING the center part..I may get brave enough to attempt it, but I haven't rocked that look since I was like.. 12, and those days weren't my prettiest ;)

    Love your flats!

  7. I love your hair like this! I want to try the center part so bad, but I'm scared ill look silly,
    And let's talk about that cardigan. It's perfect. Iwantit.

    <3 Danielle

  8. LOVE your hair like this -- it looks so lovely! Also, those shoes. Also, that shirt. You DIY-ed it? TELL ME MORE. It is amazing! I'd maybe wear it with colored skinnies, if you're looking for other ways to rock it.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  9. I'm always afraid that when I wear too many primary colors I look like a kindergarten teacher or something; I think the denim pairs nicely with the yellow though, and I think texture has something to do with that. I love the hair! I've gotten really good at styling my hair down but I'm so bored with it but everytime I put it up I feel like I look silly. Nice hair pick-me-up.

  10. Loving the yellow cardigan! I'm giving you two thumbs up for your hair!

  11. Loving the bright bursts of color here! Makes me crave springtime sun asap!

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  12. love this ensemble! very pretty! and wow! your legs are very nice!


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