txsc mixer | part two

group photo taken at the Domain by @styleem
 getting my photo snapped at LOFT by @styleem
treats for the bloggers special people, courtesy of CUSP for Neiman Marcus
me and my girl Toyosi of Standard T
my very first step-and-repeat!
(from left to right) Liz of Dressing to the Nines, Amanda of Dragonflight Dreams, Miranda of Fashioneur, Kara of TailoredLA (photo taken by Blaine of Orange Chair Wardrobe)
pile of pretty biz cards i collected over the weekend

I seriously had so much fun meeting all of the lady bloggers who came to day two of the TXSC mixers. Indiana of Adored Austin knows how to throw a bangin' party and she's such a treat to be around. It seemed like every few minutes she floated to a new group and shared some exciting realization or info learned from the last. She's the most charming, yet humble woman I've ever encountered. If she doesn't win the Mrs. Texas pageant, I'll be incredibly surprised.

Megan of Greetings from Texas, Kirsten of Triple Max Tons, and Linda of Little Tin Soldier got all the girls checked in at LOFT and we all chatted about blogging in the greatest state on the planet. From there we took a group photo and headed over to Neiman Marcus for treats and some of the most beautiful fashion I've ever seen, courtesy of CUSP. I was too terrified to touch anything, so I didn't try anything on, but let's just say there were some Kate Spade and Alice + Olivia dresses I would have given my kidney for.

Again, I went a little crazy fawning over some bloggers I've long admired and was so thrilled to make a bunch of new bloggy friends. A lot of the girls recently moved to Austin or have only been here a few years, so it was fun to learn about how their blogs have changed with the move and share with them some of my favorite thrift spots and eateries in town.

Indiana spilled some really exciting news about the Texas Style Council Conference in August (sounds like the website will be updated soon!). I am sososososo going this year and I hope to see you all there!

The rest of the mixer was focused around shop-hopping, so I snuck out early to eat dinner with the fam for my brother's birthday. And then I made my brother take some outfit photos of me for his birthday. Cos I'm an awesome big sister.

skirt: thrifted // shirt: Forever 21 // sweater: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // oxfords: Aldo
I actually bought this skirt last year at a pop-up-shop during SXSW and only wore it once because I wasn't sure what to wear with a really loud flower skirt. I knew chambray would work (because when doesn't it?), but it felt like a cop out, so I went for the more interesting sleeveless version. I threw on a bright sweater due to the drizzly weather and my new trusty oxfords and headed out for a day of stylish fun.

How would you style this skirt? Does your city do blogger meet ups? Are you planning to come to Austin for the TXSCC (*nudge nudge*)?


  1. Why did I not know about this?
    You look adorable... I'm so Jelly.

  2. ok this looks like it was fantastic.
    and second of all you look fantastic!


  3. Adorable! I want to go mingle in Austin!!

  4. So good to meet you the other night, and thanks for the shout out in your earlier post! I am just now catching up! I love this outfit so much; seriously, I wouldn't change a thing! The polka cardigan with the print skirt is PERFECTION. And the sleeveless denim top and oxfords totally brings it all together for a great look. Seriously, you've inspired me now with how to style a skirt I have that has a similar fit. Hope we get to chat more soon!

    - Aurelia

  5. 'So sorry, Niece, but the heaviness of the denim and oxfords doesn't do it for me with the lightweight fabrics of the skirt and sweater. Cloth or straw flats or wedges and a knit top in black/white/yellow/green/or orange would be more to my liking.
    And, as long as I'm in trouble for this opinion, I'll add: denim is casual but it still needs to be ironed. Seams and hem should not be puckered. Find a cheap cleaners and treat yourself to pressed clothes...it's lots less than a beer or rita and is as much a part of "style" as clean hair and polished shoes. Even have the cleaners take in the waist of that skirt...until you take your sewing classes :)
    Just sayin'...and I hope you forgive me!!


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