100 thank yous

you're amazing.
did you know that?
if you're reading this, you're a friggen superstar.

some people say bloggers blog for themselves, and to a degree i do.
but really, i wouldn't be where i am without you.

i reached 100 followers on Google Friend Connect this week.
i'll admit that's pretty exciting for me.
i feel like i've been through a lot with this little blog.
i've had three different URLs and then finally a .com.
i've changed content a bunch of times and taken breaks and given up.
but i've also written three posts in a day and woken up in the middle of the night to blog.
i've stood in the very cold to take outfit photos and i've sat paralyzed in my bed waiting for a page view on posts that i was terrified to publish.

and then the comments rolled in.
the things y'all say are brilliant and kind and so genuine.
that's why i blog.
maybe that's selfish--to say that i blog for the response--but for me it's about the connection.
the friends i've through blogging are so amazing. i consider so many of you my sisters.
you get me. i can tell you anything. i'll always be there for you.
if when we finally meet, i know we'll just be able to sit and not say anything and both know exactly what we're thinking.

i saw a blog post a few months ago, probably on IFB, that was talking about not being discouraged by a low number of followers. they said something to the effect of
"every blog had 2 followers at one point. and then 10, 50, 100, 250 and so on. even blogs like Kendi Everyday and The Daybook had a time when they only had 100 followers. it's not like each followers counts for 10 on big blogs. they earned each individual follower and you will too."
that definitely helped put things in perspective for me. every one of you 101 followers is an individual person who took enough interest in what i had to say to hit "follow." that's friggen awesome.

to celebrate you, here are some gifs to show my love and gratitude.



  1. D'awww. I love this! And you! :)
    Your blog has been more than inspiring for me, and I'm so so happy to be able to call you a sister as well. Congrats, chica. It's quite an accomplishment, and something to be proud of!

    That little kitty gif, totally something I'd do (or have done in the past already..)


  2. Wooooah, 100 followers! That's amazing! Congrats- It's obvious you put a lot of time and effort into your blog, and it's paying off!

  3. Congrats, that is something to celebrate!


  4. i feel so freakin privileged that i was your 100th follower :) congrats, chica!

    -Jenna Brianne

  5. yayyyyy congratulations! You've been working so hard and it definitely shows. I love that as your blog gets better your writing stays real. Thanks for making it so easy to feel loved and connected!

  6. Congrats girl!! I'm proud of you, that's such an accomplishment!

  7. HAHA love all the gifs, and it seems like now you have 102 ;) you're on a roll, girl! i loved the bit about fashion blogging even though it was like blizzarding outside- that's true dedication :D

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Congratulations on a blogging milestone, Nicole! I'm completely with you on blogging...to an extent, I do it for myself, but I also love connecting with other bloggers and readers. You're constantly inspiring me to get more personal and "real" on my blog...and while I have not published many of these personal posts yet, they're in my drafts, in notebooks, floating around in my head. I can only hope to someday be as confident as you, and be able to talk about sisterhood, my body, my struggles, my joys - my LIFE, really - in the open, honest, and beautiful way that you do.



  9. Congratulations Nicole! I'm so happy that you've stuck with it because I love your blog. It's very frank and open, with a lot of girly elements and it's GREAT. You actually inspired me to actually bite the bullet and start my own blog, something I was back and forth with for a while. I didn't really get to talk with an actual blogger before you walked into Langford Market and you gave me hope that I could start out as a beginner and get better! So keep up the fabulous, genuine work girl!

    xx, Elizabeth


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