denim day

chambray: Forever 21 (similar) // jeans: Gap // belt: thrifted // booties: Charlotte Russe (similar)
I'm no stranger to the Canadian tuxedo, but today I'm rocking denim-on-denim for a cause.

In Rome in 1997, an 18 year old woman was raped by her 45 year old driving instructor. To make a longer, gruesome story short, she presses charges against the man and he is charged with rape, but the case is overturned days later by the Italian Supreme Court. Why? Because the Chief Judge argued that her jeans were too tight to have been removed without her help, and was therefore consensual. Soon after, Italian women began to protest the verdict by wearing jeans to work. California's Senate and the organization Peace Over Violence got wind of the protest and wore denim in solidarity with the women in Italy. In 1999, Denim Day was born and has been observed every April ever since.

Are my jeans too tight? Is my skirt too short? Can you see too much of my chest or arms or legs?
That is not an invitation and it is not consent.

Why do I wear denim?
To stand with my sisters all over the world.
To educate others about sexual assault.
To raise awareness about how much work we still have to do.
To feel sexy.
To feel comfortable in my skin.

Did you know about Denim Day? Send me photos of your denim outfits and I'll post them up!


  1. That story is disgusting and makes me cringe. That poor women. Keep rocking the denim for a cause, you look awesome!

  2. I almost didn't wear denim today because campaigns like this always seem a little silly/ineffective, but I thought about the fact that it's just nice to stand in solidarity with other people. It's nice to have a visible reminder that you're fighting the same fight and that you stand for the same things. And it's nice to participate in sisterhood, which I constantly need to be reminded is a revolutionary act on it's own. You're always such a positive reminder of that, Nicole.

  3. LOVE those jeans and love your sense of activism (feminists FTW!). Also, HI, I'm back from that liiiiiiiiiiiittle bloggy break I took last week. Girl, I missed you!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  4. i had no idea it was Denim Day, but thank you so much for posting this. i will definitely be rockin' denim next year and all the years after that! i lovelovelove your mix of denim here. so perfect for spring!

    p.s. how the heck was i NOT following you before?! oh well, at least i got the honor of being your 100th follower :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  5. Preach, sista! Love denim on denim and now that I know the inspiration behind the look, I'm an even bigger fan. I'm totally on board next year, but will think about this story when ever I squeeze into skinny jeans until then.

  6. Fabulous post, girl! You tell em! Just because we like our jeans a little too tight doesn't mean we want your filthy paws on us! And you are rocking this denim look, by the way! Love it!

  7. I love this, and what it stands for.. so much!
    As a girl who has been affected by raped (not me personally per se), I'm so disgusted when people try to put all the blame on the girl involved in the situation.

    You look beautiful, my lady.

    kristina in retroworter

  8. Ooh, so cute! I love this outfit. xo


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