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Sometimes, working from home calls for taking a break. And sometimes that break includes a little retail therapy. Honestly, I went looking for a gingham button down and gave myself a couple of other allowances, but I did not go to spend money.

I've been loving Danielle and Lynette's dressing room posts. I feel like I got to go shopping with my best girl friends without having to leave my comfy couch. Also, both girls have been reporting back from TJ Maxx with good news, so I thought I'd finally make a trip. I've only been there one other time and was so confused. It looks like a Ross but is priced like...not Ross. Though, after getting over the initial "What!? This isn't $4!?" I realized how awesome the prices are for what you're getting.

(above) Okay, I lied. In addition to the gingham shirt, I was hoping to run into this purple pencil skirt (it looks blue here, but it's really more of an indigo). I've been scouring the Internet for a J.Crew no. 2 pencil skirt from a bit ago in this color. Danielle mentioned in a comment the other day that she'd seen a really similar one at TJ Maxx, and she was right! I found it on the clearance rack for $16 and was so excited to try it on. Unfortunately, it was at least a size too big (I'm between sizes right now, so it's really hard to tell). Look at that little food baby down there! 
Verdit: Didn't buy 
(but might try another TJ Maxx to look for a smaller size.)

(below) As soon as I entered the store, I spotted this bright tomato peplum skirt. Also $16, I figured, why not try it on? It's actually the same size as the other skirt, but was a stretchy-thick material and fit so well. I really really wanted it, but ended up leaving it behind. What do you think--should I go back for it? What could I wear on top? 
Verdict: Regretfully didn't buy 
(but will almost definitely go back for it, depending on y'all's input!)

 And then there was a Ross next door, so I thought I'd look to see if they had caught onto the gingham trend yet...

(above) Apparently Ross has a Junior's dress section now? That was definitely not there when I was in high school and frequenting Ross. Anyway, this cute LBD caught my eye, so I decided to try it on for fun. If I had a homecoming dance or holiday party or something in my near future, I would have purchased this. It was $8! It fit surprisingly well. and had cute illusion netting on the shoulders, which is my favorite. It almost looks kind of cute with my boots, too! 
Verdict: Didn't buy

(below) This black dress...just looked weird on the hanger, so I thought I'd give it a chance. I was pretty sure it would look empty odd in the bust area, and I was right. It also had hip flaps, were surprisingly flattering, considering the ill fit. If I worked the kind of job where I needed to wear structured black dresses on the reg, I might have considered getting this tailored, especially since it was only $9 to begin with. The sleeves are kinda cute, eh? (If you're interested, I actually spotted this dress on the F21 site this morning!)
Verdict: Didn't buy

Oh yeah, there's a Plato's Closet in this center too. Better go there...

(above) I was using what I thought was strictly gingham tunnel vision, but the brightness and perfection of this Gap shirt could not be evaded. The reason I want a gingham shirt is because I'm seriously lacking on the professional looking tops. Since this blouse fit the bill, I tried it on. And then of course it fit like a dream and I started planning all the outfits for it. It was only $8, so I decided I could make an exception. I really love the little petal details and tie-neck blouses are my go-to solution to professionalism because they tend to fit my 12 year old boy frame. Plus, how great is this color?
Verdict: Bought! 
(and wearing now as I type this. I've already planned like 12 outfits with it, so I'll get my money's worth for sure.)

(below) Across from the register was a whole rack of rompers. Oh, Plato's closet, you really bring the freshman in college out in me! I sheepishly asked the guy to let me back into the dressing room to try on this purple and yellow dream. It actually fit really well, which is rare for me because my legs are so long and I have a curvy bum. I came to the conclusion that I might be too old for a flimsy romper (though I'm the perfect age for a more structured one like this), so I sadly left it behind. I'm probably going to regret this in a month or so when it's 200* in Texas or when I'm at Free Press Summer Fest in June. Darn, I wish I'd thought of that as an excuse...hm...romper or no romper, y'all?
Verdict: Didn't buy

Finally, not pictured, is the saddest shopping experience I've had in a while. I couldn't even take a photo because I was so upset. I went to Old Navy to try on this dress that I saw on Julia from Gal Meets Glam earlier in the week. I had already planned a toooon of outfits for it because it's the perfect shape for me and is my power color. I ran to the dressing room and starting zipping it up, only to find the zipper broken. I had grabbed two sizes, so I tried the zipper on the other dress. Also broken. I got dressed and went out to the rack and the zipper on every single dress was broken. Somehow, the zippers were all sewn into one of the eyelet holes and stretched so that they wouldn't zip properly. Because I was partially buying this dress to replace another fit and flare with a broken zipper, I walked away from it. But I was devastated. Maybe Old Navy will do a recall and put out a new batch since all of them are broken? Is that a thing?

So what do you think? Did I miss out or did I make the right decision on these pieces? Should I go back for the peplum skirt or LBD? ...Or the romper?


  1. I like the pelum skirt and the first black dress!!!!
    if you want we can follow each other...tell me what do you think!


  2. I like the Peplum skirt, very cute, and in a great color!


  3. Okay, so many things to say! First off, the age thing is so tricky. Like you don't want to be the mom dressed like a teenager and totally pathetic, but on the other hand, there's a time and a place for everything. In the past couple of year I've found myself moving to more modest, professional clothing and in the couple of years before that I was wearing short short dresses all the time. I still wear short dresses in the summer to casual occasions, but I'm more aware when I do (especially having put on a few pounds, but that's besides the point). I think if you want to wear a romper and it looks good on you (which that one did) and you feel good in it and you're going to wear it to the pool or the park or wherever, go for it! Don't age yourself, it'll happen as it is. We're still young and hot and we get to do what we want. Second, get in your car and go buy that skirt right now, it's adorable. You keep pinning statement skirts, so just get it. You could totally dress it up with a blouse and heels and wear it professionally or dress it down. White, black, color block with blue, polka dots, stripes. It's amazing. I love that little black dress you tried on; I wear stuff like that on normal days because I'm awesome like that. I think it's so funny that we are drawn to these images of models and actresses wearing these great outfits but we feel so pressured to wear certain stuff during the day. I say just go for it; fashion doesn't wait for parties or dances or evenings out.

  4. You're so right, it feels like I got to go shopping with you! :)

    I'm glad you found the skirt I was talking about, but I'm so sad it was too big! If you get the style # or name and brand of the skirt you can probably just call another TJ to see if they have it. It beats driving there just to not find it. Then agian, you may find something way better!

    I love the red top. Perfection.

    I know exactly how you feel about the romper issue though! I have like 10 of them, and now I'm like.. ehh do these make me look too young? Am I too old to wear them? I don't know what to do with them. Maybe I'll mail ya one to try out ;)

    I LOVE the red peplum skirt. But I don't know if I could be any help with styling it. All I can see is a white top with it. I'm just really bad with red. I neverrrr wear red. Unless its on my lips.


  5. The shirt you bought is definitely my favorite! I also really like the way that black dress fit you. I wish we had a Ross here. Unfortunately the best prices around here are the TJMaxx and the Marshalls... although they usually have some nice brands which makes the extra money seem worth it (assuming I have said money at that time haha)

  6. Go back and get the peplum tomato colored skirt, it's SO dang cute on you!!! :D

  7. AHHH I posted a picture of me in that red peplum skirt on Twitter and almost bought it too! I regret not buying it. It fit so so well and was so flattering. I just have a gray peplum skirt that I find myself struggling to wear, but I think it's mostly because of the color, because that red skirt was calling my name and I still think about it!!!

    1. girl. i went back and got the skirt last night. GO GET IT SO WE CAN BE TWINS.

  8. Okay, this is AWESOME! I really want to do this and take everyone "shopping" with me! Seeing as I do a lot of my clothes shopping by myself (although, I'm open to people coming with..aka you), it's kind of perfect.

    Oh, and that peplum skirt..go get it girl! You look fantastic in it!
    I really like the romper as well, but I'm kind of like you.. I'm not sure if I'm too old to wear something like that? But then again, I also look awful in most rompers anyway. That LBD is super cute too! :)


  9. I love the red peplum skirt! So chic and fits you perfectly!

    xo, Kenya


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  10. I haven't fallen in love with the whole peplum trend, but I love that red peplum skirt! It looks great on you, and I definitely think you should go back for it! :)

    Jess - J's Style


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