products that work: CoverGirl LineExact (plus tutorial!)

We're getting up close and personal today, y'all! Check those weird naked eyelashes!

I am by no means a beauty expert or even a beauty blogger, which is what makes this eyeliner so fantastic. I have never been able to master even regular eyeliner, much less the little corner-flick cat-eye. I've tried every form of liner you can think of and even the tape trick with no success. But today, I'm going to introduce you to the most awesome eyeliner product on drugstore shelves and give a little tutorial of how I use it.

Introducing CoverGirl's LineExact Eyeliner!!1!

oo1. The Tools: I'm a blondie with creepy blonde eyelashes, so black eye products are too harsh for me. I've been a longtime user of CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume mascara. I've tried the fusion version and it wasn't for me because my lashes were too long for my glasses (#girlswithglassesproblems), so I've stuck to CG LB V in black brown. // This L'Oreal Wear Infinite palette (in Desert Sunrise) is another longtime fave of mine. All three colors are flattering on my complexion and I use the white shimmer often in the corner of my eyes. // And finally, the CoverGirl LineExact eyeliner in black brown.

oo2. The best parts about LineExact: Instead of having to re-dip the tip into the little liquid pot or sharpen up your pencil, you simply shake your pen for more liquid eyeliner goodness. Also, the tip is nice and precise so I can make really fine lines, as well as a bolder look. Finally, LineExact is shaped like an actual pen, so your hand already has a heads up on how this lining situation is going to go down. No more trying to balance tiny paintbrushes! The all in one liquid stick really helps with the precision if you have a shaky hand.

oo3. Shadow up! I don't get fancy with my eye shadow because no one can see it past my glasses anyway, but there are some great shadow contouring tutorials on Pinterest for those of you who'd like a little something more before adding their liner. Here I used the lighter of the two brown shadows.

oo4. Shake your LineExact and get to lining! What I couldn't get a very good picture of here is making sure to get the liner on my lop waterline. Because I have blonde lashes, if I don't smudge some liner along my waterline, I'll have a gap between my liner and the mascara where bits of blonde peek through.

After you've lined your top lid, make a little dash coming up from your bottom lid. See how it isn't connected to anything? I try to angle my dash so that if it and my eyebrow were to continue, they would eventually kiss.

oo5. Next part is a little tricky. Continue your liner from the top of your lid to meet with the far end of the dash you created. This should make a tiny triangle next to your eye. Now fill in that sucker and you've got a cat eye! Don't forget to lightly flick the liner at the very end so that the final line isn't too blunt.

oo5. I don't line my bottom lid because it will get all over the place and I don't need so much darkness around my eyes anyway (it makes them look smaller!). I learned a neat trick from Elissa to use two mascaras instead of one to get the most out of your lashes. I don't do this everyday, but if I'm going for a heavier liner look like I'm showing here, I want to pump up my lashes to the same degree. I think, according to Elissa's post, I'm supposed to use two different brands of mascara, but I only buy LashBlast. Here I am putting a 2 layers of brown mascara to darken my lashes and then 2 layers of black brown to fill them out and make them pop. Repeat on bottom lashes.

oo6. That's it! If you're a glasses wearer like me, put them on your face and marvel at your fancy new cat eye! You did it! And you look smashing, darling!

I really love this liner. I wore it downtown last week and expected to come home with some crazy raccoon eyes, but the liner stayed put all night. The cat eye bits didn't even smudge!

oo1. CoverGirl doesn't know who I am and all opinions are my own.
oo2. I did bolder liner in this tutorial than I would typically wear for daytime. Also, because I wear glasses, the whole look is a little more blunt that I would recommend to non-glasses wearers. We really have to pump up the jam when it comes to eye make up, which is why each line is a little bit thicker and heavy-handed than your average winged-liner look.

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Have you tried LineExact? Are you an eyeliner master? Leave your tips in the comments!


  1. This came out so cute! I'm not good with anything besides a plain mascara line (smudge is necessary because it's never even) and some mascara. The lashblast one is my FAVORITEEE

  2. um, you're gorgeous. i seriously want to try out this eyeliner!! i usually make a hot mess when i try and use liquid eyeliner but this looks so easy to use.

    -Jenna Brianne

  3. Why has no one ever taught me the triangle trick?!? I've had to wing my eye liner since I was little for dancing and I remember getting one wing el perfecto and then having to redo the other 36582645 times! I'll definitely be trying out the triangle and the eye liner :)

  4. You look gorgeous (with or without eyeliner), and holy moly, your skin is amazing. Mine is currently freaking out (I think it's mad at me for moving and changing climates). Also I am sooo bad at makeup come teach me in real life, mmkay? Mmkay.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  5. Perfect! I wear winged liner a lot, but I usually just go for it and hope for the best!

  6. I am definitely no eyeliner master but love the tutorial you did!

  7. Liquid liner in pen form is the ONLY WAY. I don't understand why others even exist because they're impossible. #pensforever


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