on top of it

sweater: Nordy Rack // top: Nordy // necklace: Forever 21 // jeans: PacSun // sandals: American Eagle

 This is what I call my version of a "boho look." Now, I realize this isn't actually a very boho look at all, but it has a flowy shirt and a long, colorful necklace. I mean, that's practically the equation for boho, right? 

I really want to find more ways to wear this necklace. I'm so bad at jewelry, y'all. How do you wear long, colorful necklaces?

A few of you have asked to see my hair in a top knot. This isn't really a great example because my head is downish in every photo. And that's because I look funny with a top knot. Sorry, y'all. I'm just a down hair chick.


  1. i look funny with a top knot too. i think yours looks cute though!

  2. you never cease to make me laugh! Love this look. A side of you I haven't seen!

  3. I love a good top knot (but feel I look funny attempting one too.) I tend to pair my longer necklaces with a plain top to jazz it up but I'm incredibly boring xo

  4. Awwww! You look so cute with a top knot! I love this boho top you are wearing! Nice, very nice indeed.

  5. Love that top!
    I think I look weird in a top knot too, lol.
    Your legs are soooo long. I'm jealous.


  6. I'm totally part of the down hair club. I just don't feel very confident with my hair up, but I'm making a conscious effort right now to do more things with my hair because it's long and takes forever to style so if I'm not going to do anything with it I can cut it a bit shorter and wear it down and it will take half the time. I think your hair looks cute up though! Jewelry is something I never knew how to wear when I was younger and I feel like I keep getting better at it every year. I like to spice up basic outfits (t-shirts, clean sweaters, solid button-ups) with costume/bold/eye-catching jewelry.

  7. i seriously need my bangs to grow out so i can top not.


  8. and i meant top knot. gosh i suck today

  9. Cute look! Loving your necklace!


  10. Hi,

    i love your outfit. I think we have the same definition about boho: when i'm wearing a maxi-dress, i consider myself the new Vanessa Hudgens :) I always wear long colourful necklaces ( those are the only ones i have :) ) with something that has the same colour in it. Like when i'm wearing a colourful skirt and a plain tshirt, i will wear a necklace with the same colours as the skirt :)

    x Audrey

  11. grrllll your legs go for miles! I really like your casual look here- top knot included!
    With Luck Blog


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