oxfords + stripes | round four

tee: Zumiez (similar) // skirt: Old Navy // oxfords: Aldo // belt: mama's closet
 I'm not entirely sure why I haven't worn this outfit before. I've had both of these pieces a long time and I clearly have plenty of pinspiration (see: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8). Anyway, I think for some reason I was putting it off to wear when I finally bought some oxfords, which is a decent reason I guess. Except that all day I wished I had been wearing sandals or wedges because the oxfords felt clunky. Thankfully, they look pretty cute with the outfit, but I still think I'll be recreating this outfit all summer with something a little breezier.

For previous oxfords + stripes outfits, check out rounds 1 2 & 3.

Weird question: is it possible to lighten leather? I love this (string? wrap?) belt that I for-life-borrowed from my mom back in high school, but the brown is too dark for me and doesn't match anything I own. I would wear it all the time because it fits perfectly, if only the color were lighter. So--leather lightening: yes or no?

 Annnd to make up for my lack of varied posing in these photos, here's a super awk photo of my spinning. I know it looks like I'm sneezing, but that's just my face. Womp womp.


Earlier in the week, I didn't post anything on my blog about Boston because I wasn't sure what to say. I don't really have any connection to Boston other than some amazing blog friends, but I was still crying at every article I read. My heart has been with Boston.

Last night, I was about to go to sleep around 10 pm and checked Twitter one last time before shutting my computer. My whole feed was filled with both local and national news sources reporting about my state. What happened in West, TX last night is absolutely devastating. 

Also, if you haven't watched the video going around with the explosion, I urge you to avoid it. You can't unhear a child witnessing such terror. I wish I could.

My heart is working overtime this week to mourn the losses in Afghanistan, Boston, and West, on top of the losses that occur every day.

Hang in there, loves. Take care of yourselves so that you're strong enough to take care of others who need you.


  1. This outfit is really cute! You remind me of Taylor Swift in these photos! Is it the skirt? the shoes? the whole shabang? I'm not quite sure... but we'll say it all.

    1. this is the greatest comment someone could have given me on an outfit. i actually felt like tay swift all day wearing it!

    2. Okay! I was totally about to say you're channeling your inner Taylor in this outfit. Dang it Jenn, you beat me to it! :)

    3. oh hey.. and Kimberly too. And Danielle.


  2. I agree with Jenn above, you have a Taylor Swift vibe here!

    It's hard to blog about Boston and now Texas... I think it's hard to even put the hurt and loss into words. I can't imagine losing a loved one in Texas or Boston and how those families must feel.

    I sadly saw the video you're talking about with the child and it will forever be ingrained in my brain. Listen to Nicole,DON'T WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!

    hug your loved ones a little tighter today.

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  4. i want to be cute like you.
    but seriously.


  5. Yes. They are so right. Taylor Swift! I loveee that skirt! It looks lovely on you and accentuates your tallness :)
    And I have no idea about the leather lightening!

  6. I have no idea about the leather bit.. I'm on the search for some leather scraps, and I haven't the slightest idea where to get them on the cheap.

    I'm wearing something kind of similar today. Okay, it's black and I'm wearing my oxfords. Love that skirt though! So flowy :D

  7. I found this article on lightening leather, but it seems like a bit of a pain (http://www.ehow.com/how_8683942_do-lighten-leather.html). Have you tried leaving it laying out in the sun for a couple of sunny days? The other, slightly more ghetto DIY thing you could do is just paint it.

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  9. amazing outfit :)
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  10. Ahh, I love every bit of this outfit. Cute striped shirt, perfect black skirt (I want one like that!), and amazing oxfords.


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