she's as free as bluebonnets in summer

denim jacket: Nordy Rack // dress: Jessica Simpson (similar one | similar two) // sandals: Steve Madden (similar)
Bluebonnet pictures! I'll keep this short because, duh, bluebonnets speak for themselves. I went out with Dago Easter morning and took these photos in a little field on the St. Edward's campus. Clearly, my pretty little university isn't a secret anymore because there were bunches of families taking photos with their kids. Womp womp. I would have preferred bunches of bunnies.

Also, it was ridiculously overcast outside and I had a really hard time keeping my eyes open. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen the evidence of that. Maybe I'll do another bluebonnet sesh when my legs are less white glowing and the sky isn't torturing my little eyes.


  1. That dress is beyond adorable and the photos are gorgeous! Nice post Nicole xo

  2. So adorable! I wish we had flowers growing here! Hopefully soon :)

    You're In Brookelynn

  3. These look so great! Go back when they're a little taller!

  4. What a cute spring look! You're rocking that outfit with your confidence!

  5. you're the cutest! I can't wait for my pasty legs to become more summer -ready.
    With Luck Blog

  6. I was born in Texas and will always have a serious soft spot for bluebonnets! The best flower!

  7. Oh wow! The field is beautiful! Not as pretty as that awesome dress though. JS's clothing line is off the chain, right?!

  8. You are so pretty! :)
    I love dem sandals dough.


  9. I LOVE these pictures and I LOVE those shoes and I LOVE your smiles!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  10. Ahhh the fields of bluebonnets! Texas has so many of them. Matt & I took some of our engagement photos in a field of bluebonnets (I think there's a photo of one in my About Me tab). I MISS TEXAS EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT. <3

    Also, jean jackets ftw. THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING. Except jeans. Unless you want a Texas tuxedo, right? AND WHEN IN TEXAS, DO AS THE TEXANS DO!

    K, I'm done. <3

  11. Jelous of all the sunshine in these pictures! And love your dress!


  12. Why doesn't Louisiana have these pretty flowers??? All we have springing up everywhere is those dang "pee" flowers. I have no idea what they're actually called. It's those ugly yellow ones that pop up in all the ditches.. does Texas have those?
    Anywaysssss you look amazingly beautiful. Andddd I finally got around to posting my Easter outfit today.. which happens to be this exact outfit. Great minds think alike?

    <3 danielle


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