the best hair day

dress: Forever 21 (so old) // denim jacket: Nordy Rack // chucks: thrifted
There are a few reasons why I might have had such a good hair day here:
> I got to sleep in.
> It was Friday.
> I didn't shower until 5pm and then kept my hair in a towel until I was running out the door.
> The Hair Gods decided I was worthy.

Whatever the reason may be, I'm stoked. My bangs seem to finally be getting the picture that I want them gone, my chopped ends from my last trim fiasco starting to look normal again, and, with the temperatures heating up, my locks are filling up with humidity and regaining their natural wave.

Sometimes I think about going red or, heaven forbid, Zooey Deschanel brown, but it's days like this that remind me why I love my blonde hair so much. Plus, who wants to rock dyed hair in the summertime? I'm not 'bout that chlorine green look.

Also, I made Dago take these photos after eating at our regular Friday spot because the little red flowers matched my outfit too perfectly. And then a taxi pulled up and spit out a bunch of onlookers. GET OUT OF MY FOTO.

Speaking of an awesome hair day, they've been real rare lately. I've been growing out my bangs for a year (I know, they are still pathetically short for how long I've been trying). So many cute bangs photos are showing up on blogs and on Pinterest lately, so I'm feeling a little bang envy.

How do y'all stay strong when growing out your bangs? I've been trying for years and always give in.

I've wanted hair like this forever. I think it would look really good and really grown up on me. Would posting pictures of Amanda Seyfried and other pretty-haired dames in my every day life help me remember my cause? Or is that totally silly?

Should I forego the hair-growth journey altogether? What do you think?


  1. Not silly! I have a board on pinterest to help me remember that 1. I like having short hair BUT 2. growing it out does not have to be the regular catastrophe-look I tend to rock. I love those hair-spiration pics you posted, but I also think you'd look great brunette or as a red-head. My manta on hair? It will (almost definitely) grow back, so why not?
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  2. I like short hair but I always feel so limited when it comes to styling it! There are so many more options for long hair. I always regretting cutting my hair! I;m growing it out now. Unfortunately I don't have beautiful, thick, latina hair but I make do!

  3. girl, hair seriously. too many things to think about.
    every time i look at zooey i want to cut my bangs.
    but i want them gone.
    i love your hair!
    i love natural!

    and your shoes, stop being so cute.


  4. Your hair is so pretty! But whatever you do, it will always grow back. Headbands and hats were invented for a reason, right?

  5. Ooh, I love a good hair day! Yours looks so thick and soft! You're right, Amanda Seyfried has great hair. I have pretty short hair, myself, but I love it on me. I feel much freer, beautiful, sophisticated, and sassy with short hair, but as long as you love your long hair (and take care of it), I'm all for it :) I love your outfit, too. There's something so nice about a summer dress with a denim jacket. And I've already commented before on how much I love your red Chucks :)

  6. It's really hard to grow out bangs! They take so long and then you give up and cut them. If you have any doubt, that's when you cut them. So if you know you just want them gone, even though other people look good with bangs and have cute hairstyles, that doesn't mean that they will look good on you or that you want to have to deal with them everyday. Also, remember all of the times your bangs did something horrible, like when they airdry when you get out of the pool. That helps! If you want to cut them though, cut your losses and do it now. Better after one year than two or three and they're finally grown out and you just up and cut them after a couple of months!

  7. I feel the same way about my bangs! I've been trying to grow them out for the first time in 4+ years and it's been about 5 months now and they're driving me crazy! Your hair is looking great though!

  8. Grow just a little bit longer! I'm probably the worst person to ask because I always go back and forth in my bang decision, but I do know that growing bangs out is hard work. Don't give up when you're so close!
    With Luck Blog

  9. Love, love, love the hair! Keep it blonde! Whenever we meet up with y'all I comment to Tim about how together you always look--cute outfit and great hair. Also, I love, love, love the blog. Such a good mix of fun and serious and in between.


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