the loudest outfit

pants: Forever 21 // top: Target (old, similar) // sweater: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // shoes: Lulu's
 From the moment I left my apartment wearing this outfit, I was convinced that I looked like an escaped clown from the carnival. Three bright colors and big ole polka dots will do that to a girl. I took a quick Insta-snap and asked if the outfit was too loud. A friend tweeted back reminding me that "colorblocking" is in, so it doesn't matter that these pieces don't inherently match.

I've had a surprisingly (to me) hard time styling these pants. When I ordered them, I was all like "I'm gonna wear these all the time! They go with everything!" But then I got them in my closet and only paired them with black. I have a chambray outfit in mind for them, but I like to try other pieces before defaulting to chambray all the time. I was running really late to work and had thought about putting this hot pink top with the pants, so I threw a sweater on over it and ran out the door.

For a whole day feeling insecure in this outfit, I actually quite like it in the photos. I don't look as much like a colorful clown monster as I thought. It's a little stylish even!

It's funny--sometimes when I get dressed, I think about what other blogger might wear the outfit. Like oh, this pencil skirt get-up totally reminds me of Lynette or these boyfriend jeans and feminine top feels like something Kristina would wear. Well, I couldn't conjure images of any other blogger wearing this outfit, so I guess it's all mine. This is my style. Whatever this is...

Oh, and after I finished taking these photos, I realized that I locked myself out of my car. Luckily, I have a hide-a-key under my car, but I couldn't find it for a while and had to crawl around on the ground for a bit to find it. I was all covered in grease and leaves by time I got back in my car. Awesome.

Did I mention I was also parked in a scary back alleyway? I wanted to find a long stretch of road for these photos and the place I found happened to look like the scene of a death in a horror movie. Awesomer.

Anyway, how would you style these darn pants? Do you ever get dressed with another blogger's closet in mind?

Linking up with Rachel's Dare to Wear: Spring Brights

PS. I guess I didn't dislike this outfit too much because it's the new header photo for my blog. I stayed up way too late the other night redesigning. What do you think?


  1. What a fun link up! I will have to do it one time. I love this outfit, pink and yellow make such a great color combo!

  2. I've purchased something before thinking the same exact thing. I bet you will find more ways to wear them though. Are those black dots? If so, I would just wear black with it to start off easy! Really any color top would be fun with them.


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  3. Is it terrible that my first idea for an alternate pairing was a black chiffon top? I love all the bold colors together, though. You make it work! What about pale pink and/or gunmetal gray?

  4. I do the same thing when I get dressed.. thinking about what other bloggers or friends might would wear my outfit! I have pants that color too but I'm no help because I've only worn them once with a black top and a leopard scarf. Your outfit is super loud, but it just works for you like those overalls you wore a while back! (I could NEVER!) I think I have that same shirt you're wearing so I may have to try it with my teal pants!
    And you're so brave to just stop on the road by yourself to take pictures! My sister and I did yesterday and I just get SO embarrassed!!

  5. Well, I am in LOVE with those pants! I have had the black and white ones in my shopping cart a few times online and always talk myself out of them! I think I need them now! I think you pull off the whole colorfulness of this outfit off really well! So cute! I am your newest follower! :)

  6. I love this outfit! I'm also known for going a bit overboard with some of my outfits though so that may or may not be a factor here. I think you look great and I always have a problem buying a big statement piece like those pants, thinking they'll go with everything, and then pairing them with the same old things every time. Good for you for mixing it up and making it bold! Also good for you for surviving what seems to be the worst picture-taking outing known to blogger land haha!


  7. what a fun outfit! I like that you didn't resort to chambray. I do that all the time because it's so easy & cute. way to put more thought into it!


  8. The new blog design looks fantastic! I actually really love the "volume" of this outfit! Those pants are stellar! I love the big ol' polka dots!! And the hot pink looks amazing with them.

  9. ok your legs are so long and thin! I am jealous!!! thanks for linking up! what a fun outfit!! :D

  10. you totally rock this outfit! i'm in love with the color combo... good choice :)


  11. your flats are to die for! I felt the exact same way wearing color - like a clown playing dress up. But it looks really good in the pictures! Your outfit is great!

    I'd wear the pants with either cobalt blue or black. Those are my go-to colors. Or blush. That would be cute!

  12. uhm, those pants rock, girl! i was going to buy similar ones but told myself they'd be hard to style! hah! but you styled them beautifully! i also love that backdrop..even if it was scary/horror movie-esque!

  13. Aww, I'm sorry about your unfortunate events with the car key.. if that had happened to me, I would've been stuck like chuck. Glad you didn't have to run from a scary axe murder or something (whoa, gruesome much?) Actually, I'm very glad you didn't have to do that! haha

    I've got pants in a similar color.. and I've worn them like.. once? because I've had a hard time figuring out what to wear with them as well! But, I'm determined to figure it out now that you've asked the question! Since I'm a neutral-y person that feels really ridiculous in lots of bright colors, I'd say a coral color with tan to tone it down a little bit would be good.

    I'm obsessed with your flats. Actually, I'm obsessed you. Tehe.
    And yes, I totally think about other bloggers when I'm getting dressed. Sometimes I feel creepy, but then I remind myself that they're my friends..and thinking about friends is completely normal. YAY for interweb frienzzz.


  14. PS. I really do love this outfit. Even though, I'd most likely feel really uncomfortable in it.. it's absolutely perfect on you!

  15. Wow I really love this outfit a lot!

  16. hahah the car story made me laugh in a "this is eomthing I would do" way." Hilarious later but really terrible at the time. I love the way this looks on you! But I tend to do the same thing- as in I wear something I think I like but then I feel funny in it all day. This is a good reminder to just own it! (we don't really have a better choice hah)
    With Luck Blog


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