the skirt you've all been waiting for

skirt: Cynthia Rowley at TJ Maxx (similar) // top: Old Navy // blazer + necklace: Forever 21 (similar blazer) // shoes: Lulu's (same)
Y'all unanimously voted that I go back and buy the peplum skirt at TJ Maxx, so I did! And I have no regrets. This is by far the most comfortable pencil skirt I've ever put on my body (it's entirely made of spandex, rayon, and nylon) and the peplum hides my "problem area" throughout the day, so I don't have to waste energy worrying about that or trying to suck in. Plus, it's tomato red, a color I've committed to for the summer. Y'all are so smart. Seriously, what would I do without you?

Do you like this blazer? It's in my pile of clothes for my in-progress shop my closet, but it went so well with this skirt that I'm not sure I should give it up. I really never wear it though and I know a lot of you would. Decisions are hard for me...halp?

I wore this to work a networking event with Andy on Tuesday night. Monday morning at work he was all "There are going to be really rich dudes from the Circuit of the Americas at this thing, so you might want to dress up a little." Um, duh! Do you even know me? When do I not dress up for anything with "event" in the title? Obvi I was the best dressed there (even if I was freezing!).

PS. Halfway through these photos I realized my shirt was on inside out. Oops...

So how else should I style this delightful skirt that you all lovingly convinced me to purchase? Where would you wear it?


  1. I haven't been able to find a peplum skirt that is flattering on me yet. This looks AMAZING on you! Did you find a rich guy at the event?! ;)

  2. Girl you are rockin' that inside out shirt!! Hahah!!
    The skirt looks amazing on you. But you already knew that. I can tell from your beautiful smile in the above pictures.
    I would totally wear that blazer! I've actually been looking for a blue blazer.
    And I don't know how to help with your skirt! :( I just don't know what to do with red other than pair it with white or black... like I would've never thought to put this blue blazer with it. But you did. And it's awesome.

    <3 danielle

  3. Yipppeee! I'm so glad you went back to get the skirt! It was my favorite. I love the color and cut. You look ' gorgous darling.

  4. Annnnnd.. amazing.

    Seriously, the skirt is even MORE flattering than what I originally thought it was! So beautiful on you. I really like the blazer as well. For some reason, I feel self-conscious in blazers, like I just don't look normal in them or something. So, yeah, I definitely need help in that department.

    I don't know if this is helpful, but I've been wanting to pair my red skirt with a coral-y pink top. I have no idea if it'd look any good..or if I'd just look like I'm screaming, "OH HEYYYYY. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Y'ALL!" But, I wanna give it a try (with my non-existent coraly pink top, haha). Other than that, black.. navy.. white.. yeah, I'm boring. ;)

    kristina in retroworter

  5. I'm so glad that you got that skirt!!! It look sooo good on you :)

  6. The skirt and blazer are perfecttttttt! You may have to keep it a little longer...

  7. Lol you're so funny! I hope you had a good time at the event!

  8. love this look, just right for a networking event! I'd wear it with a stripe top and red lipstick!


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