what to wear: bluebonnets pictures

Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and bluebonnet pictures are pretty much mandatory to keep your Texan card. I've been so busy the last few years when bluebonnets were blooming, but I'm making it happen this year, come rain or shine. It just occurred to me that bluebonnets probably don't grow outside of Texas, so if you're an out-of-state reader, I'm making it your homework to come visit me so we can take bluebonnet pictures together. Kay? Kay.

Anyway, the perfect spring sundress is necessary for great bluebonnet pictures. What is a perfect spring dress, you ask? Oh, I've just picked out a few to show you. Aren't you lucky!

The little white dress is a classic Southern springtime staple staple. To keep things interesting, opt for an interesting texture like eyelet or lace. Don't forget to grab a statement necklace to keep things from looking too innocent or simple!
A few of my favorites are:
oo1. Backless Ivory Dress | Lulu's 

Since floral is synonymous with spring, you can't go wrong taking bluebonnet photos in your favorite floral sundress. Throw on a pair of strappy sandals or your worn-in cowboy boots and get thee to the nearest bluebonnet field. And don't forget your denim jacket!
A few I'm coveting are:
oo3. Sidewalk Gardens Dress | ModCloth
oo4. Moving Up Dress | ModCloth

Like the little white dress, the little blue dress is a summer staple for a Texas girl. For monochromatic (or ombre!) looking photos, sit among the bluebonnets in their favorite color. A brown belt is the best accessory with a little blue dress. Braided belts are my favorite, but thicker belts with interesting buckles and skinny leather belts with embossed designs make your look extra special.
The ones I'm lusting after are:
oo1. A Close Racerback Dress | ModCloth
oo4. Colt Weather Dress | ModCloth

Last, but not least, is the chambray dress. I think there is something to be said for being able to recall the time period of the photo based on the outfit choices of the subjects. Little white dresses will always have a place in bluebonnet photos and floral will always be in for spring, but chambray is a great trend to play up in your annual portraits. Chambray is also a little edgier than the ├╝ber-girly eyelet and lace dresses. Grab your favorite pair of booties and some arm candy to complete the look.
I wish I were wearing:
oo1. Denim Shirtdress | American Eagle
oo2. Studded Chambray Shirtdress | Forever 21
oo3. Lena Denim Dress | ModCloth

Have you ever taken bluebonnet photos? Are you going to this year?
Don't forget--bluebonnets are illegal to pick!


  1. Love the chambray dresses! I missed the bluebonnets last time I was home.

  2. I head over heels on this white dresses, still on the hunt for the right one. Also love that 2nd chambray dress.


  3. Love that chambray from AE, and the Colt Weather dress from Modcloth!

    ...or you know, you can take bluebonnet pictures in your wedding dress like me! After we got done at the main location for pictures, we went over to a HUGE patch of bluebonnets right next to where we were taking pictures. I can't wait to see how they came out! I was quite pleased with myself for picking the date of my bridals (not that I actually thought about it five months ago ha!)

    kristina in retroworter

  4. I love this post! I have a huge field behind my house that gets wild flowers like crazy... there's not much there yet but I will let you know as soon as there is. Mandy and I are selling our crafty stuff tomorrow at First Thursday if you wanna stop by. Hopefully the weather will hold out. We will be in the parking lot of Vespaio 1610 S Congress. Maybe we will see you there!

  5. I love the white dresses, they're the perfect summer staple in my book! I'm a midwest girl, so I've never heard of taking pictures with bluebonnets, I don't even know what they look like, haha!

    You're In Brookelynn

  6. I have a confession to make. I've lived here my whole life, and I've never taken bluebonnet pictures...

  7. I love white dresses because they're so crazy feminine, but man oh man do floral ones steal my heart. my favorite one is the first one, so pretty! also i'm looking forward to this bluebonnet shoot- that's gonna be so pretty!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. I love love love that first floral dress!


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